Option C: The “Virtual” Seminar Course

Personal Chef Virtual Vidoe Seminar Course

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Option C: The “Video” Seminar Course ($895) includes:

  • Option A - Home-Study Course
  • Live Seminar Series - Streaming Videos (3)
  • Special-Skills Series - Streaming Videos (7)

This training program consists of ALL OF THE MATERIALS AND BENEFITS OF OPTION A Home-Study Course PLUS the latest release of the only industry-wide Personal-Chef Seminar Series via streaming video, as presented at the San Diego Culinary Institute APPCI Live Seminar by Candy Wallace, founder and executive director, American Personal & Private Chef Institute, dynamic teacher, author, international speaker, trusted mentor, and inspirational motivator.

Attending a live seminar and interacting with personal-chef peers can be a powerful and invaluable experience. But not everyone can travel to attend a live seminar. So, with this series, APPCA brings the live seminar to you. Now you can attend a “live” seminar in the comfort and peace of your own home or office.

The video seminar

You receive 3 streaming videos of 8-plus hours taped during a live seminar. Owning the collection allows you to review the material as often as you like and at your own pace in the comfort of your own home without having to attend a seminar.

It includes:

  • Detailed explanations of forms, systems and procedures.
  • Discussions and role-playing exercises between seminar attendees and seminar leaders.
  • Anecdotal stories that will help you understand the real-life challenges and solutions of being a personal chef. Collect real life personal chef pearls of wisdom.
  • A wealth of valuable time- and money-saving tips, and gives you an opportunity to view a sense of the rhythm of a personal-chef cook date.
  • Member questions and answers.
  • Instruction on how to get the most out of the Private Members Discussion Forums, where you can share stories, get ideas, and build your network. It includes more than 100,000 searchable, topic-specific posts by working personal chefs. This is a “Personal Chef Graduate School,” of sorts, as it is the most comprehensive knowledge base available in the personal-chef industry.

This is the ONLY video collection of its kind available in the personal-chef industry.

You will also receive the Specialty-Skills Video Series listed below:

Video Title Stream Time Description
39 min.

This is the newly edited release of the industry-original "Day in the Life of a Personal Chef" video. There is MORE hands-on information that makes this video a valuble learning tool for new aspiring personal chefs as well as experienced personal chefs.

2 hr 37 min.

Opening session:

Can't make it to a seminar? We bring the seminar to you in this three session collection recorded during a live 2-day seminar conducted by Candy Wallace. This collection walks you through all the concepts discussed in the "The Professional Personal Chef" training manual and explores them in greater detail. Hear actual Q & A's from the seminar and learn how to get your new personal chef service business fast-tracked!

3 hr 19 min. Session 2. Not everyone can make it to a Live Seminar. This collection of three videotapes is like being there! Sit back and watch the entire 2 day Live Seminar - "The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef". View the Seminar in your 'jamies over and over again!
2 hr 39 min. Final session. Not everyone can make it to a Live Seminar. This collection of three videotapes is like being there! Sit back and watch the entire 2 day Live Seminar - "The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef". View the Seminar in your 'jamies over and over again!
1 hr 12 min. So the money's rolling in and you're heading for easy street - or are you? This detailed explanation shows how you can simply control and monitor your finances and revenues to make sure you are maximizing your profitability. Streamlined accounting methods for optimizing your Personal Chef service for profit. Hosted by Personal Chef Meredith Eriksen ( APPCA Personal Chef of the Year 2004) (approx. 71 minutes).
1 hr 17 min. Personal Chef Dane Mechlin, CEC ( APPCA Personal Chef of the Year 2003) shares his experiences with the extra requirements of servicing upscale personal chef clients.
13 minutes Personal Chef Dane Mechlin, CEC ( APPCA Personal Chef of the Year 2003) shares his experiences with low fat "mother" sauces, light salad dressings, and other tips for personal chefs.
39 min.

Clients with special dietary needs? Don't worry, here are some easy tips on accommodating the special diet market. Professional Personal Chef Host Dennis Nosko & Personal Chef Christine Robinson discusses planning and cooking for clients with special dietary needs. Experience how simple sauces can be modified to easily accommodate a variety of special dietary considerations, an important aspect of personalizing and broadening your culinary services. Dennis & Christine are APPCA's 2013 Chefs of the Year

1 hr 14 min.

This video discusses the details of properly selecting and packaging your beautiful meals for clients to enjoy as though they were just made. Make sure you are providing the very best to your clients! The food looks great and tastes great. Here are some strategies to keep it that way for the client. A great instructional video for beginning personal chefs. Tricks and tips offered Personal Chefs Candy Wallace and Jim Davis.

23 minutes

Although it's a heavy utensil to pack around, the pressure cooker can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to helping a Personal Chef prepare meals for their clients. See how the pressure cooker can be one of your best friends in your portable kitchen kit.

The cost is $895, which includes over 12 hours of superb educational video, and shipping and handling costs are included. We ship 2-Day Priority U. S. Mail for your fast and convenient delivery.

Get the advanced, complete information only a live seminar provides, again and again, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

APPCA consistently and consciously sets the highest standard for the personal-chef industry. We stand by our training programs and our membership’s success, delivering in our philosophy, “promises made, promises kept.”

The APPCI training programs and materials are the source material for the written certification exam offered through the ACF/APPCA Certification Partnership.

There are no hidden fees in the APPCI/APPCA training programs or membership.

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