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    Hello! I had a great weekend with Chef Candy and the other students/chefs who attended the Personal Chef Seminar Sept 14/15 in San Diego. My partner and I recently started our business, we have a couple clients already. This seminar gave us confidence and affirmed that we are managing our business correctly so far. We got great tools and ideas to further market ourselves, manage clients and the business. As the administrator in our partnership, I am thankful for all the templates provided, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel!! Robina and I are feeling great about where we ...Read More
    Chefs Tori & Robina Nov-21-2014
  • What people are saying about APPCA

    Thanks you! The Internet search optimization is great. People really find me via my online listings!
    Chef Laurie, San Diego Nov-24-2014
  • What people are saying about APPCA

    If you are on the fence about joining the group, let me suggest you jump off it! I did thorough research before joining APPCA and decided to jump start my career by joining and attending the seminar in Chicago this past weekend. Although I have been a chef for sometime, personal cheffing is a new venture and I decided I would learn from others, so I don't have to take time to learn from my mistakes. Gathered lots of great information. The seminar was so informal that all my questions were answered and I came home with so much great ...Read More
    Chef Laurie, San Diego
  • What people are saying about APPCA

    Thanks for a Wonderful Informative Weekend! Hi Candy and Dennis, Thank you so much for the informative and enjoyable weekend. I am grateful for the time spent covering my new career objectives and recommending strategies for achieving them. It was a pleasure meeting both of you and spending quality time in your home. I especially appreciate being part of a great organization that will keep me connected with others sharing the same career path. I plan to utilize the online networking resources that are available to me. Your home is beautiful and so warm and welcoming. The meals were fabulous. ...Read More
    Claire, Gourmet Creations by Claire
  • What people are saying about APPCA

    This group paid off!! I just had an interview with a potential client last week, and one of the questions she asked was whether I'm in any kind of professional group. I mentioned all the benefits that I've gotten from APPCA - the client questionnaire that I used to create mine (which we went over at that meeting), my invoice form, many recipes, answers to questions I had, and on and on. She seemed impressed, and in the end, she hired me. I couldn't have started off in this business all by myself.
    Joan Angelis, Minneapolis
  • What people are saying about APPCA

    Thank you, Candy, for such an amazing weekend! I have been wanting to do this for 2 years now. After watching, waiting and dreaming, I finally made the leap from engineer to personal chef. What an enlightening experience to meet so many other people that feel that same as I do about cooking: cooking for others is my way of expressing my love for them! This is so real now and I can wait to get started. Thank you to Chefs Candy, Bernard, Shelbie and April as well as all the wonderful new chefs I met at the Seminar. It ...Read More
  • What people are saying about APPCA

    Good morning Candy & Dennis, What a lovely weekend in San Diego. I left inspired, motivated and with a great deal of invaluable information, now I am ready to "Rock & Roll." So many things on my to do list, will keep you posted on the progress and may even be contacting you along the way with questions. :) Again,, 'thank you' both for all you do....what a great team!! Regards,
  • What people are saying about APPCA

    It was November 2011 when I picked up the phone and called the APPCA- upon doing so Chef Candy answered and spoke with me for a good half hour. Chef Candy was so sweet, and offered me so much useful information as well the “push” I needed to pursue my career as a Personal Chef. By the time I hung up the phone with Chef Candy I was already signed up for the live two-day seminar. Fast forward to today, January 2012, where I am the chef and owner of Eat Your Heart Out Edibles (www.eatyourheartoutedibles.com) and just about have ...Read More
    Connie (Second Comment)
  • What people are saying about APPCA

    I joined the ranks of the APPCA just this week. I booked a 18 person dinner party last night. The dinner party was booked because of APPCA's listing me on their search site!! Paid my first year membership with plenty to spare!!! tks APPCA!!! Great investment thus far!! respectfully,
    Chef Tim Hardn “Grumblebelly”
  • What people are saying about APPCA

    Hi Candy, in the last week since we spoke... I signed up for the Green training program. (Great stuff in there!!!) and have been exploring and learning all about the forums and the Personal Chef office. (I love it!) started developing a simple menu to start with. ..made a short, but sweet business plan so I know where i want to head. Then on Tuesday, I get a call from a career services Dept that a guy called them looking for a personal chef...can they send him my resume?... Uh, YES PLEASE! so, he called me. He's single, young (maybe ...Read More
    Anne-Lise Relish, Personal Chef Services
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