APPCA Mission Statement

American Personal & Private Chef Associations´s Mission & Goals StatementTo promote the education and advancement of our membership in the personal chef industry and the betterment of the industry as a whole.

  • Exchange: To facilitate the communication and exchange of ideas between members and to promote professional contacts.
  • Education: To provide educational opportunities for professional and personal development for members in all sectors of the personal chef and home meal replacement industry.
  • Enhancement: To create and expand educational and business opportunities for our members working in or wishing to enter the personal chef industry.
  • Equality: To provide support and foster an environment which ensures our members equal access to the positions, power and rewards offered by this emerging industry.
  • Empowerment: To examine the issues of personal chefs in the workplace and to advocate the improvement of their status in the food industry.
  • Entitlement: To provide opportunities, encouragement and support for members of all backgrounds who wish to enter and advance in the industry.
  • Environment: To promote efforts to safeguard and improve the global food and water supply.
  • Excellence: To foster standards of excellence and integrity within the personal chef industry.

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