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    in the Media
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    Kitchen Aid
    A personal chef can keep your wallet fat and your waistline thin
    CLICK HERE for Chef Clay's Recipe

    APCA Chef Clay Erickson WINs the National Hobart Chili Cookoff Grand Prize at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley in spring 2005.
    CLICK HERE for Regional Winners
    Mannatee - Bradenton - Sarasota
    "Home cooking made really easy"

    Meredith Ericksen Named APCA Chef of the Year 2004


    Personal Chefs revive the lost
    Art of Healthy Dining at Home.

    Whatcom County chef prepares really home-cooked meals
    (The Bellingham Herald)


    Diversity, nutrition initiatives top agenda at Annual ACF Conference

    Sibling Support Council
    APCA Honors SMSC Chefs


    Palate Pleaser: Home-cooked meals for your enjoyment

    Now you're cooking


    A chef to call your own
    By Lorie A. Parch Special to MSN

    APCA Stresses Professional
    Standards at Summit


    APCA Personal Chefs Demo the Personal Touch at ACF Convention 2003
    APCA Personal Chefs Demo the Personal Touch at ACF Convention 2003

    APCA Chef of the Year - Dane Mechlin, CEC
    APCA Chef of the Year
    Chef Dane Mechlin, CEC


    Canada's W Network Web site Food Section
    Personal Chefs
    No time to cook? Hire a personal chef.

    Home Made Cooking Easy - Meals not daunting when you get help from culinary pros
    Home Made Cooking Easy
    Meals not daunting when you get help from culinary pros


    The Improper Bostonian
    "Book a Cook"
    Featuring Karen Fabian,
    The Main Dish

    "Starved for time? Try a personal chef"


    Oklahoma City's Nursing Times
    "Local chef can solve
    your meal dilemma"

    The Christian Science Monitor
    "A tastful new career
    in the kitchen"

    features personal chefs
    Carol Rickert and Jim Davis.


    Suburban Chicago Newspapers

    Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Los Angeles, CA
    "Time Machine"


    MSNBC.Com News - Health - June 5, 2003
    "Meals on wheels - for professionals"- features Chef Sue Curtin in Chicago

    Packet Online News - Serving Princeton and Central New Jersey
    Serving Princeton and Central NJ
    "Home cooking for the
    never-at-home crowd"

    Personal Chef Bev Kinnaman with American Idol Ruben Studdard
    Ruben Studdard visits with AMERICAN IDOL'S Personal Chef Bev Kinnaman
    in the mansion kitchen.

    Personal chefs Liz Spiegl and   Rocky Lipham of North San Diego County
    Kitchen crusader

    Local entrepreneur helps personal
    chefs carve a career path


    Official Magazine of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs
    "WCR Chefs Get Personal"

    Westbury caterer cooks with a personal touch


    duPont Registry - Tampa Bay Magazine
    Nouveau Fast Food
    ON THE TABLE ---> Dinner Is Served by Jane Sears Thompson


    Personal Chef Nancy Falster serves her client a delicious, nutritious entree
    Wilson County News (TX)
    "Personal chef service adds valuable time to today’s busy schedule"

    Madison Online Magazine - Madison, Wisconsin
    APCA Personal Chef Patricia Wahlberg

    Featuring APCA's Chef Patricia Wahlberg in Madison, WI


    Pensacola News Journal - At Your Service
    Personal chefs let you leave the cooking to them

    Seattle Times Online
    "No such thing as holiday for some personal chefs"


    Official Magazine of United Airlines
    "Personal Chefs To Go"

    UK's APCA Chef Chenoa Parr
    UK Times Online
    "There's a chef in my kitchen" features Chef Chenoa Parr

    The Oregonian Online - Metro Southwest News
    Brenda King's menu reads have cookbook, will travel

    Busy families, singles, seniors getting a taste for personal chefs

    "Busy families, singles, seniors getting a taste for personal chefs" featuring Chef Connie Hopkins-Mattlage

    Castle Rock resident takes work, worry out of mealtime for families

    The Memphis Daily News - Marketplace for personal chef service heats up
    The Memphis Daily News
    "Marketplace for personal chef service heats up"

    Jean Bang Owner/Operator of Jean's Cuisine Personal Chef Service
    The New Palestine Press
    Jean’s Cuisine
    “Great Food And The Gift Of Time”


    Two Happy Chefs - Willerre Doczy and Linda Ressel

    Chef Magazine September 2002 Cover
    Candy Wallace and ACF President Ed Leonard sign certification agreement.

    "Validation of the personal chef"



    Personal chef: A tasteful career
    "Personal chef:
    A tasteful career"

    Featuring APCA Personal Chefs Ira Michaelson and Nina Cioffi.


    American Culinary Federation
    The American Culinary Federation seals partnership with the American Personal Chef Association to develop Personal Chef Certification

    Check out the wonderful feature article that spotlights APCA Personal Chefs!

    Cooking up some extra time
    "Cooking up some extra time"

    Personal chef and other food-prep services offer healthy alternative to fast food.

    is Chef Jessica Leibovich, Owner/Operator Entree Nous Personal Chef and Catering Service

    Time.Com - TIME Bonus Section, Inside Business, Working Families
    APCA Member Anne Hayward of Premier Concierge Personal Chef Service
    Personal Chefs

    "Busy households are hiring pros to cook for them at home.."

    The Laconia Citizen - The Voice of Central New Hampshire

    Candy Wallace, Executive Director, APCA sign a partnership agreement with ACF American Culinary Federation

    The American Culinary Federation seals partnership with the American Personal Chef Association to develop Personal Chef Certification
    Candy Wallace, Executive Director of the American Personal Chef Association, signs a partnership agreement with the American Culinary Federation at the ACF National Convention in Las Vegas on July 22, 2002. The ACF Five-Year Plan was delivered at the General Session by ACF President Edward Leonard, CMC, AAC. Two additional levels of ACF certification, Personal Certified Chef (PCC) and Personal Certified Executive Chef (PCEC), were implemented January 1, 2003.


    Candy Wallace,
    APCA Executive Director,
    Speaks at 2002 IACP Annual Conference
    in San Diego

    "Catch the Rising Wave of Opportunity in the Culinary Industry: The Personal Chef Option"

    APCA Announces Personal Chef Office software

    Candy Wallace, Executive Director & Founder of the APCA speaks at the ACF Chefs Forum 2001 Convention on "The Changing Face of Opportunity in the Culinary Industry - the Personal Chef Option".

    CNN Money - Five fun ways to make quick cash
    Five fun ways to make quick cash

    Let your passion lead you to part-time jobs that are exciting, flexible and lucrative.

    Christine Cooks For You
    Personal Gourmet Chef Featured on WMUR-TV’s Cooks Corner

    Frontier Magazine March - April 2002 - Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinner
    "Someone's In The Kitchen With Dinner"

    Culinary Diva Weekend in Chicago - March 2002
    Terry Riesterer of Paragon Chef, Bonnie Nicklaus of Garden of Eatin, Joannie Cahill of Dinner at Home, and Susan Cotch of Let's Dish in the company of Rick Bayless at his restaurant, Frontera Grill.

    "Whipping Up Dinners"

    Mari Radford has a killer recipe for Senegalese shrimp curry.

    "It's something I picked up while we were living in eastern Africa," she says. During the 15 years her husband worked for the CIA, the family lived around the world. They bought their home in Potomac Falls in 1995, knowing they wanted to eventually settle in Loudoun County, but didn't actually move in until 1999. It was then that Mari started to seriously look at her own career.


    Don't ask me. Ask our Personal Chef

    To determine if you're a good candidate for hiring a Personal Chef, pose the following questions:

    Look at how much processed food you're eating.
    Does your food have more additives than substance?..

    Fort Myers News-Press Daily - Goumet FOR Hire

    gourmet FOR hire

    Personal chefs will come to your home

    As Cinderella and Dorothy discovered, a fairy godmother can be a real lifesaver.

    Saviors of a similar sort remain on the job today...

    Amtrak's Onboard Magazine - Arrive


    Personal Chefs Deliver the Goods
    Your're sick of eating carry-out, you're too tired to cook, you've got dishpan hands and you just can't bear to make another restaurant reservation--so what are your going to do? Assuming you don't want to start a Fritos and Diet Coke diet (trust me; you don't), you've got one choice. Hire a personal chef.

    Chef's Choice

    A personal recipe from a personal chef. Until recently Chef Wendy Perry could be found...

    Resident bakes love of cooking into career
    For Terry Riesterer, a lifetime passion for cooking has turned into a new full-time career as a personal chef.

    Home cooking
    Chefs take it personally.

    What's for dinner? In the "good old days" it would have been what Mom, possibly wearing pearls and an apron, had spent her whole afternoon in the kitchen preparing. Supper would be on the table minutes after Dad walked...

    APCA Chef Blair Grossman of Richmond, VA Epicurean E.R.
    Chef Blair Grossman offers an all-inclusive personal chef service, from waiting at grocery store check-out lines to sweeping up the crumbs.
    "Professionally home-cooked"
    It's late, you're tired, and the last thing you want to do is cook. You'd order pizza or Chinese food for the family, but they've had that all week. You don't want...
    New Hamphire Magazine - Personal Chef Article "Great Food, Extra Time and No Dishes: Discovering the Magic of a Personal Chef"
    A personal chef could be the answer for your holiday party. Frankly, they are the meal-time answer for many busy people and on a regular basis. With parents often both working and soccer practice every night there are not enough hours in the day to prepare healthy, nutritious and satisfying meals for a family...
    Personal chef services gaining popularity "Personal chef services gaining popularity"
    ASHEVILLE - Your most important client is seated in your living room, expecting a five-course gourmet meal rivaling that of the finest restaurant in town. You're making relaxed chit-chat, knowing that the appetizer course is being served in five minutes. Your spouse is comfortably seated nearby without a care in the world. So exactly who is preparing this exquisite meal? ...
    What's Sexy Now! - 50 Ways to Lure Your Lover September Issue of INSTYLE Magazine lists the Personal Chef as #35 of "50 Ways to Lure Your Lover" with an exclusive plug for hiring a personal chef at Personal Chef dot Com.
    September 2001 Feature on Personal Chefs - "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinner"
    by Jane Sears Thompson
    (Extracted from Meridian In Flight Magazine, September 2001)

    It's 6:30.
    Traffic is stalled.
    I'm sick of rotisserie chicken
    and I'm too tired to cook.
    I need a personal chef.
    Candy Wallace, Executive Director & Founder of the APCA speaks at the ACF Chefs Forum 2001 Convention on "The Changing Face of Opportunity in the Culinary Industry - the Personal Chef Option".
    Air Force Flight Chef now offers Northern CA fare!
    Costigan native becomes California's 'Phantom Chef'
    The Penobscot Times, July 12, 2001 - By Chuck McKay
    A Costigan native who was once kicked out of her Gourmet Cooking class at Old Town High School has started her own business as a "personal chef"...Continued..
    "The Changing Face of Opportunity in the Culinary Industry - The Personal Chef Option"
    More and more culinary academy alumni and restaurant professionals are exercising the option to become personal chefs rather than pursue careers in institutional cooking. Why? A desire to own their own businesses? Better hours? Continued...
    Entrez! The Newsletter of Women Chefs and Restauranteurs Entreez! WCR Newsletter Personal Chef Article Spring 2001
    Earn more money!
    Work fewer hours!
    Be your own boss!
    With possibilities like these, it's no wonder the personal chef and private chef sectors are among the fastest growing in the field of culinary the professional. Continued...
    "Personal chefs are no longer just for the rich"
    A power shift is astir in America's kitchens, and it has nothing to do with those little buttons on your blender.

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