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We know you have choices on membership and training programs. We also know that we are the gold standard. We innovate, others imitate.

Do some comparison-shopping. Ask folks in the industry about APPCA. Call Candy Wallace (800-644-8389), APPCA’s founder and executive director, and ask her your questions. Once armed with information, we’re confident you’ll make the best choice.

One of the many things that set us above the competition is our commitment to the personal- and private-chef industry. APPCA is dedicated to increasing awareness and stature of both of these segments. Because of our efforts, each career path has gained validity and esteem.

Everything we do reflects APPCA’s philosophy—we promote the education and advancement of our membership in the personal- and private-chef industry and the betterment of the industry as a whole.

  • APPCA is the premier association for personal and private chefs. We are the go-to organization for other foodservice organizations and the national media.
  • APPCA pioneered the training programs offered to personal and private chefs with the Home-Study Course.
  • APPCA is the leading organization, offering unmatched professional enrichment and support.
  • APPCA membership is a badge of honor. We set the professional bar high, so those seeking to hire a personal or private chef know that if they hire a member of APPCA, they’re hiring a trained professional.
  • APPCA revolutionized software needed for the daily running of a personal-chef business. Our Personal-Chef Office software contains indispensable tools and templates that will help you succeed in the business of being a personal chef. And unlike our competitor, once you purchase APPCA’s software, you own it, not lease it. Your access to our software does not depend on your membership to APPCA.
  • APPCA is the only association that offers third-party certification, knowing that true credibility could only be granted by an outside organization. As a result of APPCA’s continued push for professional recognition of this industry, The American Culinary Federation (ACF) now grants a

    NOTE: All fees are non-refundable and non-returnable. The APPCI Manual &Training Materials are for educational purposes only. You are not purchasing a business plan, franchise, or distributorship. As an independent business owner you may operate your business the way you wish and earn as much money as your efforts and drive to be successful returns to you. APPCI cannot guarantee any specific earnings as a result of purchasing the APPCI Training Manual & Materials. Under U.S. Copyright and Trademark Law it is illegal for these materials to be copied, reproduced or otherwise used as anything other than an educational manual for the use of the purchaser ALONE. Any infringement will be disputed with legal action. By completing this order, I affirm that I understand and accept the above terms