Hi Candy,

in the last week since we spoke…

I signed up for the Green training program. (Great stuff in there!!!) and have been exploring and learning all about the forums and the Personal Chef office. (I love it!) started developing a simple menu to start with.

..made a short, but sweet business plan so I know where i want to head.

Then on Tuesday, I get a call from a career services Dept that a guy called them looking for a personal chef…can they send him my resume?… Uh, YES PLEASE!

so, he called me. He’s single, young (maybe 30), can afford it, is very flexible, likes good food but wants to stop eating take out so much, wants to eat a little healthier, wants a personal chef to cook him dinners mainly, likes a wide variety of food, wants to take it one step at a time (let’s see what you can cook and we’ll change the menu as we go and experiment…), … could it be? I’d be a fool not to try! Worst case is I refer him to someone who has more experience if i’m over my head. But since he’s single it would only be a bi-monthly or possibly only monthly client – which makes it a slow start and not too daunting. I feel confident I can do it based on my skill, education, and his feedback. A little quicker than I had expected, but I can do it.

Need to get insurance before I start…

Anne-Lise Relish, Personal Chef Services Nov-24-2014