Hi Candy!

I called you for the first time a year ago to inquire about starting my own business. I joined your organization a year ago. I became an LLC a year ago yesterday and have enjoyed every minute of the past year. Thank you for all that you have done to make people aware of this profession and all the help that you give on a daily basis. I appreciate it! You have made every day a dream for me.

Here is my website if you are interested as well as a few articles I was in in 2007. This past year, I have acquired a few every day clients as well as found my specialty in course in home dinners. I have formed a special relationship with the two most exclusive high rise condos on Lake Michigan and anytime there is a party in either, I am the chef. I have also been asked to do some food writing for a new magazine launching this spring for women who own their own businesses. Thank you for giving me the courage to make every day enjoyable.


Britta Nov-27-2014