I am Chef Laura Reynolds of Mimmy’s House A Personal Chef Service in Albany, NY. Four and a half years ago I became a member of the APPCA and made my dream of becoming a personal chef a reality.

Trust me when I say that it was a decision that needed to be carefully thought out and some education and planning had to take place during the process, as any good thing does, but by far the best thing that I could have ever done as a business woman and a personal chef, was to join this organization.

The first thing that immediately became apparent to me was that you instantly become a part of an extended family and all of you have a common passion; cooking. In the 4 1/2 years that I have been a member of the American Personal and Private Chef Association, I have never experienced a time when I needed assistance, or questions answered, or encouragement, or a swift kick in the pants, that the people weren’t there for me 100%. They all have the same goal in mind and it is to see me succeed as a business and as an individual. I can honestly say that I have spent thousands of hours on the phone, in emails, and in person talking to the members of the APPCA and the staff and I have always been treated with the most utmost respect and consideration, and more so than any other organization that I have ever worked with.

The products and services and the professionalism offered by the APPCA surpass the standards of excellence and code of conduct. For 2 years before finding the APPCA on the internet, I tried to establish on my own, the means to start my personal chef business. I was met constantly with discouragement and the reality that I could not start my business based on the lack of knowledge concerning the personal chef industry and doing business as a personal chef. At the time the NYS health department and local liability insurance companies could not offer me assistance because they did not know how to classify me as a business and thought my business would be a large claim liability. I was unable to obtain an insurance provider that would be affordable with a policy that had the coverage I desired as a start up business.

Chef Candy Wallace and her staff at the APPCA has graciously labored for over 10 years and has brought the personal chef industry to what it is today; one of the fastest growing new businesses in our country today and a business the is observed by the Culinary Federation as a respectable and acknowledged business trade in the culinary field. Her expertise in the personal chef, private chef, and culinary fields, has won her numerous awards in the culinary industry, and has laid down a strong foundation for all of the personal chefs under her direction and guidance. Like a mother she is proud of your accomplishments, a great encourager, a strong example of leadership, and someone you can be confident to guide you in the right direction.

After finding and joining the APPCA I have been able to gain back my small start up costs (the investment of becoming an APPCA member) by more then 100 times over and we have considered it priceless. If my husband and I have said this one time we have said it 1000 times over,”it has been the best investment we have ever made together as a married couple and as a business”.

I would encourage you strongly, when you make your decision to, dare to make your dreams come true, remember the best thing you could do as your first investment in your business and for yourself, is to join the American Personal and Private Chef Association. You will not regret your decision to do so. The only thing you will regret is that you didn’t do it sooner.

The door is always open and the phone is always on so give us a call or email me if I can encourage you more to join the great group of people. You won’t be sorry.


Chef Laura Nov-27-2014