If you are on the fence about joining the group, let me suggest you jump off it! I did thorough research before joining APPCA and decided to jump start my career by joining and attending the seminar in Chicago this past weekend. Although I have been a chef for sometime, personal cheffing is a new venture and I decided I would learn from others, so I don’t have to take time to learn from my mistakes. Gathered lots of great information. The seminar was so informal that all my questions were answered and I came home with so much great information. While the manual is a great start, the live seminar gave me a chance to “pick Candy’s brain,” as well as that of the attendees. I already have my plane ticket for the conference in Baltimore in October! Enjoy the camaraderie and years of knowledge of this group!

Thanks again Candy and APPCA!

Chef Laurie, San Diego Nov-24-2014