Fellow Chefs,

I have been in business since September of 2007. There were dry patches and times I thought of going back to waitressing, but as I sit here today and think back to what I have accomplished over the very short time in business, I am quite pleased and very happy I made the transition to become a personal chef.

My business is right where I had hoped it would be in my initial business plan and I am happily working steadily two days a week with clients that appreciate the service in addition to giving cooking lessons, small dinner parties and working the odd gift certificates. I have plenty of time for myself and my family and find my income is just enough to keep me happy. I can take on another weekly client if I choose, or not. That’s the beauty of it, I can choose.

I may not be making a mint, but this was a lifestyle decision. I now have a career and a life. Imagine that!?! I have even found a niche to do some writing and have decided to take continuing education classes with an online university.

Thank you APPCA and all it’s members for your continuing support!

Chef Lisa Nov-27-2014