Hi everyone,

We’re Terri & Rachel of Terra Cuisine in Greenville, SC. We’ve both used this message board over the past month to answer the TON of questions we’ve had come up while starting our business. We’ve pretty much been able to find everything we’ve looked for here. So, thank you to all who have contributed to this magnificent resource.

We’ve been so busy researching and getting everything ready for our new adventure. However, we did have our first cook date yesterday at a friends home, who could be a potential new client. It went pretty well. There are two of us so that makes things a lot easier. We did forget something and one of us had to run out. Then we made the curry to spicy and had to trash it, run out for more ingredients, and re-make it. However, we had a BLAST! Plus our friends are raving over the food, which feels so good.

Anyway, I feel I’ve taken so much from this board, the APPCA, and the home-study course that I felt the need to say thank you! We could not have gotten off the ground so quickly without it!
Terra Cuisine

~Chef Rachel Nov-24-2014