I have to jump in and say that I have been an active member for a year now. My business is growing so much faster than I could have imagined! I have never been more tired or happy in my life. I work very hard but when my head hits the pillow I am so happy that I became a personal chef and even more happy that I joined this organization. I feel like I have friends across the US.

Candy, I don’t know how you’ve done it but you have gathered so many wonderful people together. People who have helped me grow my business, who were there when I wasn’t sure I could do a party for 50 and encouraged me and then when I did it and needed someone to boast to there were there again cheering me on.

Thanks Candy, Jim, Jackie, MariaLuisa, Kathy…the list of people who have helped goes on and on! Thanks everyone!

Chef Sheryleen Nov-27-2014