This past weekend I attended the seminar held in Tampa that was taught by Jim Davis. I was disappointed that you weren’t present too, but Jim was fantastic. He appeared genuinly glad to be with us from the first instant on Saturday morning. I imagine that the seminars with both of you teaching must be even more awsome and inspiring if that could be possible.

The two days provided excellent coverage of information that I had read and had questions about. I had no idea that such good questions would be asked and then answered so easily and expertly. Jim knows your business. His confidence and enthusiasm was supportive and encouraging.

The calibre of the other students was quite impressive. The age of those present surprised me as I thought they would be all be young. And, I didn’t expect their experience to be so expansive.

I am so glad you decided to hold the seminar in Tampa because of the convenience for me. It was surprising to me that there weren’t more individuals there from Tampa, but it was their loss.

Looking forward to the future as one of your success stories,
Chef Susanne

P.S. I already have a client. She’s biting at the bit, and I’m frantically trying to do all that is necessary to be ready.

Chef Susanne Nov-27-2014