I just had to post a Thank You to Candy, Jim (The Cook Too) and all the people that made it possible for us to get together in Jacksonville this past Sunday. Once again I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know new chefs starting out in this area, and touch base with some old friends. I must say the energy in the room was unbelievable!!

We had a chef that came from as far away as Rockville Maryland, one from Orlando, one from Delray in South Florida, and one from Meritt Island Florida. A warm hello to everyone. I was even more pleased to know that there are at least 6 chefs in the Jacksonville area, that are very interested in starting a Local Chapter. So, once I receive the information from Jim, and get over the start of the new school year, (my daughters first) I would like to plan for a meeting sometime around the end of August-begining of September. This should be a great time for all the new chefs just starting out, because we are ending the slow time of the year and the busier times are just ahead. I also would like to invite any local chefs that are interested in attending, that were not able to attend last Sunday, and chefs that live near Jacksonville are always welcome as well, just contact me by e-mail at cheftracy@elegantedibles.net for the details in a few weeks.

Once again, I must say that I am honored to have met all of you, and am looking forward to working with all of you in the future. Take care, cook with passion and have a great day!

Chef Tracy Nov-27-2014