Hi Terry, Candy and Meredith!

I just received my prize package today and I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!!! First of all, I love getting surprise packages…and second, I opened up my box and kept finding more and more goodies as I went through!! I found the spice caddy first and thought – oh wow, that’s awesome…I need that!! I love that! Then I found the framed and signed beautiful award and I was so thrilled and proud and can’t wait to hang it on my wall and put it on my website now that it feels official!! Ooh, maybe I’ll scan it….when I figure that out that is!! Next I found the cool measuring beaker that won’t tip over – and won’t leak like my other one…now I just have to decide whether it is going to go to work with me or stay home….hmmm!! Such FUN decisions!! Then I found my awesome microplane that I totally can’t wait to use – LOVE it!! NEED it!! And THEN I found an envelope with a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE TO MAC KNIVES!! I was like, oh my gosh – that is awesome!! Woohoo!! yippee!! I already have the original APPCA knife kit from Mac and a santoku (the cook’s illustrated knife winner) that I got about two years ago — and now I am already shopping on the website to find my next Mac knife!!

I thank you all so much for these wonderful prizes and for all the work you did on putting together such a professional and exciting contest! I am still so proud to have won (especially the vegetarian one!) and receiving this wonderful package today just brought back all of my original pride and excitement!!! I am so proud to be a member of APPCA and now a very happy 2005 Best Vegetarian Recipe Winner!

Thanks so much again and all the best to you guys!!

Christina Nov-27-2014