It was November 2011 when I picked up the phone and called the APPCA- upon doing so Chef Candy answered and spoke with me for a good half hour. Chef Candy was so sweet, and offered me so much useful information as well the “push” I needed to pursue my career as a Personal Chef. By the time I hung up the phone with Chef Candy I was already signed up for the live two-day seminar.

Fast forward to today, January 2012, where I am the chef and owner of Eat Your Heart Out Edibles ( and just about have a full week of Personal Chef clients. I was so skeptical when I started this path, and after putting money into my web design, website, ServSafe certification, registered DBA, and business insurance- I was still very skeptical. My success did not happen overnight. It honestly wasn’t until September of 2012 that it really took off- but all of my hard work paid off.

I am writing the testimonial to all those looking to pursue a career as a personal chef and are afraid- just as I was. My advice would be call the APPCA- ask to talk to Chef Candy, and sign up for a seminar. Just know that after you leave the seminar it is up to YOU to take the information you learned and tools you received though APPCA and work your butt off. It will not be easy in the beginning- but hard work pays off. Know that there is a great support system and wealth of knowledge on the APPCA forum.

Talking to Chef Candy and joining the APPCA has changed my life. I would have never been able to find all the info I needed to start my own Personal Chef business (since it is such a small unique career if you ask me), that being able to have a whole handbook handed to me, with all the info I needed, was priceless to me. Not to mention the great people I met at the seminar and still keep in touch with today. The APPCA is like a small family, one that anyone looking to become a Personal Chef should be excited to be “adopted” into.

Connie (Second Comment) Nov-24-2014