I just flew in from the seminar in San Diego and I have to say it was the best money I’ve ever spent. The training manuals and seminar are priceless and when you realize what this little nitch in the culinary industry really is and what it can mean for you (even those of you with “no formal training” or second career folks), it all makes sense and it just brings a calming smile to your face. Does this sort of work sound delightful and rewarding? It is! Does the APPCA seem like a credible and legit association and support center? It is! Don’t sit back and let what seems to be right pass you by. I am so glad I took this chance and I would have regreted it if I didn’t. Now, I get to look forward to a future that I am in control of, making money I deserve, doing what I love and am passionate about, working on my terms, with no more nights, weekends or holidays or corporate ladder. If any of you need any extra boosts or more details please email me and I’d be more than happy to chat with you. Candy Wallace is an amazing pioneer for Pesonal Chefs (besides being the sweetest lady you’ve ever met) and I will be her number one advocate from now on. Hope this helps!

Gift of Thyme PCS Nov-27-2014