… I’d just like to add that, as I’m just starting in this business as well, that if I had NOT joined the APPCA, it would have taken me SOOOOOOOOOO much longer to get going. It would have taken a lot more research and work. The APPCA provided so many tools in the training manual that make it easy to do everything quickly without having to re-invent the wheel. On top of everything, you can’t beat the liability insurance and web design/hosting that the APPCA provides. Candy and Dennis have just made everything SOOO easy. I also went to culinary school and have grown up in restaurants. I’ve done no less than 4 restaurant openings and, I’ll tell you, the work is so intense. This is the easiest business start-up I’ve EVER experienced, and it’s all thanks to Candy and Dennis!!!! The tools and support provided by the APPCA are unbeatable!

Greek Chef Nov-27-2014