Last night I typed up my press release and went to the website like suggested in the manual to search for Maine newspaper publications. I emailed the local publications with the press release and also printed a hard copy and mailed it. Just from email alone, I got two calls. One was from the local tv station which I emailed for the heck of it and hoping they would just print it on their website and they asked if I would be interested in either doing a cooking show in my home once a week or doing a tv interview for my PC business. I was so floored I almost died.

Then 5 minutes later I got a call from a newspaper that said they were going to print the release or atleast part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moral of the story-

Part 1: THANK YOU CANDY for such wonderful advice and such an awesome oppurtunity.

Part 2: Use that website!!!!! Email and send hard copy.

Karylyn Nov-27-2014