I would like to echo the comments from the chefs at Gift of Thyme. We attended the 2-day seminar last weekend together in San Diego. What an incredible experience! The group represented all walks of life…age, gender, experience/no experience in the food service industry, formally trained or self-taught. But we all had one thing in common. We are passionate about food and want to make it our vocation, either full or part-time. The information we got from Candy and the ensuing conversations were so valuable. The encouragement and support from each other was motivating. We couldn’t wait to get back home and get started! We are so fortunate to have had Candy pave the way. She has removed so many road blocks and organized invaluable resources to make our start-up easier. Where else could you get great training materials, access to low-cost insurance and web designers and an established group of veterans ready to cheer you on? I am so grateful for the hard work that my new Personal Chef colleagues, but especially Candy, has done to make this adventure into a new career go smoothly. There is so little monetary investment for all that a new personal chef gets in return. I encourage any of you to consider “jumping in.” The water is great!

Kathy Nov-27-2014