I am very happy! (and overwhelmed as you said) – I got the study package in the mail a couple of days ago. Therefore, I am quite busy exploring all the materials, book and CDs. Now I am trying to define my next steps.

There is a lot of information to cover and a good deal of of preparation to run my business properly. (for sure, this is not just shop, chop and cook.

Thank you so much for offering to call – I’ll be in touch as soon as I organize my head and I can make the most of our time talking.

By the way, I managed to install and download all the extra materials available on-line and in the CDs. I am very happy with the software that is available for Mac users – I already start customizing it with different recipes.

Also, I was able to see the MasterCook for PC – great to have as a resource.

Baby steps at this moment –
Best regards

Luisa Nov-27-2014