I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the seminar that I attended in New Jersey the weekend of October 15. As with any new venture, I was very nervous about becoming a personal chef prior to attending the seminar. I know that I can handle the cooking, but I was concerned about the business end. Jim Davis is a great instructor. He was so generous with sharing his knowledge. He discussed how to start our businesses, PR, menu planning, and so many other relevant topics. He also had us work on that all important elevator speech. This past Saturday, I found myself giving my elevator speech to a room full of people at a cocktail party. I mentioned the words “personal chef” and was like a scene from one of those old E. F. Hutton televison commercials. Everyone stopped talking and listened to every word. Before the seminar I would not have been comfortable discussing the profession or my career goals. Since I returned to CT, I’ve prepared my brochure, started working on a website, and had my first client assessment interview. I’ll be cooking for him later this week. I would encourage any visitor to this forum who may be thinking about entering the profession to attend one of the seminars.

Marianna Nov-27-2014