Dear, Candy:

I am a very new member of APPCA. I joined the organization yesterday after talking to few members, a staff member, and you regarding liability insurance, and would like to thank you for your time.

I am a cross-cultural and bilingual culinary professional with background in design. I’ve received culinary education in San Francisco and worked in restaurants. This spring I found myself suffering from strain and left restaurant environment. As scary as it is, I m committed to build my business and actualize my mission to preserve myfamily’s culinary tradition; raise awareness of food, health, and season among dining public, and make people well and joyous.

I am also a member of WCR and enjoyed reading the article about your organization on Entrez newsletter. I am hoping to introduce myself at the annual conference in November.

Thank you for building the organization where people like me can find the support and new possibilities. If I can support the local (SF) chapter in any way, please let me know.

Bringing wellness and joy to your dinner table

MIWA WANG, Personal Chef Nov-27-2014