Hi Candy

I just wanted to let you know again how much I enjoyed attending the 2 day personal chef class in Gaithersburg last weekend. It was really terrific. I learned more than I had ever hoped for. You are a wealth of information and the practical experience you shared was invaluable. I enjoyed your style and sense of humor very much. I feel like if I lived near you we could be instant friends for life.

I wasn’t sure if I would really go forward with this at first, but after the weekend I am excited about doing what I love for real now.

Your speakers, including Jim were all great, however I felt like I identified with your style and approach more so than the others. I am people person and really think working with the elderly will be very satisfying.

I am not the most organized, detailed oriented person (except when it comes to cooking). My only worry is to make sure I keep organized enough to run this like a real business. I ran a couple of online business’ in the past selling gifts and such. I ended up giving too much away and keeping my prices low which caused me to not make any profit at all…and actually lose money. I hope this doesn’t happen in this effort. I have a tendency to be too nice and too giving…and I am famous for not being able to say ‘NO’.

Anyway..I hope I can write you at times to ask for advice or suggestions on how to handle situations. You have really done a remarkable job building the visibility of this business. The respect of the industry, as well as admirations from your peers must bring you such inner happiness and satisfaction at a job well done.

I will definitely attend Seattle’s conference (or wherever it ends up). Take care and talk to you soon.

Tamara Nov-27-2014