Are You A Culinary Entrepreneur?

It’s NOT just about cooking!

If you are wondering whether or not you have an entrepreneurial streak, you can answer the following questions to see whether or not you are on the right track.


Do you dream of being your own boss?

Are you a take charge person?

Are you comfortable and effective teaching and supervising others?

Do you know what type of business you would like to start and operate?

Do you finish projects that you start?

Are you a “to do” list maker or finisher?

Do you keep your financial records current?

Do you complete paperwork regularly and completely?

Are you computer savvy?

Do you like spending time talking with people?

Do you care what people want or need?

When the phone rings, are you excited or annoyed?

Do you track and learn how trends affect traffic in your industry?

Are you a listener who incorporates what they hear into their menu?

Does profitability affect your decision making process?

Do you have an investment program that you monitor and contribute to?

How do you handle criticism?

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Are you willing to spend time marketing and promoting your business?
Even if it involves public speaking and appearances?

Are you willing to BE your business in order to build your brand?

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