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APCA Personal Chefs with Rick Bayless at the Frontera Grill

During the weekend of March 15 -18th, Terry Riesterer of Paragon Chef, Bonnie Nicklaus of Garden of Eatin, Joannie Cahill of Dinner at Home and host Sue Cotch of Let's Dish, gathered in Aurora Illinois for the first annual "Culinary Diva Weekend". These APCA chefs gathered to celebrate the friendship sown during our meeting at the APCA seminar in April 2001, undying love for culinary delights and to celebrate being in a wonderful business where a women can express artistic talents, run their own business and improve the quality of life for clients.

The weekend included attending Chicago's famed St. Patrick's day parade with President Bush, visiting a glorious Wine Bar, cooking up a storm for each other and treating their selves to elegant yet authentic Mexican cuisine at the famed Frontera Grill. Frontera Grill is owned and operated by cookbook author, syndicated cooking show celebrity and restaurateur (of several successful establishments), Rick Bayless.

There was a discussion on being an APCA Personal Chef with Rick who was fully versed in the profession and has a chef on staff who actually was a Personal Chef prior to joining one of Rick's other restaurants, Topolobampo. Candy met Rick's wife, Deanne, at the WCR convention this last October (Women Chefs & Restaurateurs) where both were speakers.

See what can happen when you join an organization dedicated to not only promoting your business, but promoting a positive attitude, good will and friendship amongst its members!

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