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    About the American
    Personal & Private Chef Association's
    Professional Personal Chef © Training Program

    Thank you for your interest in the American Personal & Private Chef Association ©. In these times of corporate downsizings and layoffs, owning your own business makes more and more sense. It can be rewarding both personally and financially, and you control your own destiny. We have developed a Home Training Systems and Live Jump Start Seminars to enable you to create and develop your own business - a Personal Chef Business.

    We are proud of our many creative innovations to promote the Personal Chef Industry. Below are a list of "Firsts:"

    > FIRST On the Internet Web (thus
    > to provide live seminars (for 10+ years) for aspiring personal chefs
    > to provide an extensive Personal Chef Training Video Library
    > to offer free personal chef tested recipe downloads
    > to offer a free Web-Link Referral pages "Find A Chef" web site for global and local advertising.
    > First Visitor's Discussion Forum and Open Forum Archives for a "way back" view personal chef industry's historical development
    > to provide a private Members Discussion Forums
    > to provide an opportunity for ALL personal chefs to network and grow by establishing local and regional professional association chapters
    > offers members FREE online Personal Chef Office business tools software for their personal chef business operations

    This new service industry is exciting and profitable. In fact, 'Entrepreneur' Magazine lists "Personal Chef" as one of the 12 HOTTEST BUSINESSES FOR 1999, in their January, 1999 issue. You will learn what it takes to get started in this exciting field, how to find clients, how to design your service and produce written presentation materials, where and when to advertise, what types of recipes work best for your clients, what to charge and how to be successful in your own business.

    You can spend the time gathering all of the information contained in the American Personal Chef Institute tm training systems by yourself, OR You can save not only your time, your work, and your energy, but you can also save money by using the proven American Personal Chef Institute tm "The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef" Training System which now included our comprehensive Video Seminar and Special Skills Library.

    People start their own businesses every day - we know that - but why spend months or even years of trial and error when APPCA can give you the benefit of their experience (we've already done the trial and error part) in starting and running your own successful Personal Chef Business.

    Many people love to cook, but not everyone knows how to set up and successfully operate a Personal Chef Service - the industry is very new and we want you to be successful in it. That way, we can all grow together.

    There are NO hidden costs involved in our programs. You DO NOT need to spend a "fortune" to receive the most effective training materials and Seminar in the industry!

    The APPCA Training Systems delivers QUALITY AND VALUE for your dollar.

    DON'T WAIT!!! Be Your Own Boss in 2007!
    Register Today !

    Let's get cooking!

    (800) 644-8389
    (619) 294-2436

    "Exercising Your Personal Chef Option"
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    More about the American Personal Chef Association

    When you join the American Personal Chef Association, you become part of a national group of professionals who are dedicated to:

  • the ongoing development of their businesses through peer interraction and education

  • assisting others, both those already in the industry and those considering a new career as a personal chef

  • furthering the responsible development of the Personal Chef industry through excellence.

  • We have a single-level, non-discriminatory membership structure
    -- all our members have equal access to some of the best benefits available in the industry, including:

  • Professional Affiliation with THE Personal Chef industry innovator

  • Access to the most complete AND affordable training products for initial training and/or ongoing business development of your Personal Chef service

  • Web referrals sent directly to your business from the and web sites (both receiving hits at the highest placement from all major search engines.)

  • Automatic access to local chapters (where applicable) for peer group interraction, in person, as well as local group marketing opportunities

  • E-Mail Alias -- Enables clients to find you ""

  • General liability insurance plan offers the most comprehensive and flexible liability coverage available in the Industry.
    This policy is in your name NOT part of a common pool which means that you share the risk with many others. APCA's affordable comprehensive coverage is unmatched in the personal chef industry.

  • Mastercook Deluxe 9.0 Recipe & Nutrition software INCLUDED.
    Unlike another organization who charges an annual lease fee for the use of their software, you will NOT own the rights to and cannot protect the contents or data in your client or recipe files. With Mastercook software, you will own the rights to and can protect your valuable recipes and client data on your own computer's hard drive. Mastercook is the STANDARD for cookbook, recipe and nutritional analysis software.

  • Active Members Private Discussion Forums, the definitive comprehensive knowledge base for the Personal Chef industry. Log-in to these discussions and perform powerful key word searches which can answer nearly any conceivable question about the Personal Chef industry, as well as provide members with the opportunity to network and assist each other. AND for a look at some history of the industry's development, check out our APPCA Open Discussion Forum Archives. You will find messages from 1997-1998 when this was the only online discussion forum representing the birth of this industry while forming the nucleus for the comprehensive personal chef knowledge base.

  • A CD-ROM entitled "Member's Quick Start CD" complete with

    • APPCA Cookbooks in Mastercook format
      with installation setup and FAQs
    • Web Referral Page information
    • Access to A+ rated General Liability Insurance
    • Fast Access to the Members' Private Forums
    • Press Release Kit Templates
    • Personal Chef Media Information & Articles
    • Heating and Freezing Recipe Information
    • Sales Presentation and BONUS Files
    • Multi-media Personal Chef Film Clips
    • Over 600 Interactive Files!

    Joining the American Personal & Private Chef Association could be the best professional culinary decision you've ever made!

    APPCA Membership for the first year is included with the purchase of any Personal Chef Training Program. Professional Personal Chefs, already operating successful personal chef services, may join the APPCA for $300¹.

    Click here to order you Personal Chef Training Program thru Secure Online.
    Visa, Master Charge or Discover Cards Accepted

    ¹  Requires a minimum of 6 mos. operation of a personal chef service (Proof of DBA/Business License and Food Safety Certificate required)and a telephone interview with the Executive Director.

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    San Diego, CA 92116

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