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    The Professional Personal Chef Program Series ©
    Personal Chef Jessica cooks for her client Now in Both VHS & DVD

    Now in Both
    VHS & DVD

    A Day in the Life of a Personal Chef ©

    This is the all-new release of the industry-original "Day in the Life of a Personal Chef" video. There is MORE hands-on information that makes this video a valuble learning tool for new aspiring personal chefs as well as experienced personal chefs.

    A successful APCA Personal Chef guides you through re-enactments of various scenarios to help you experience the processes a Personal Chef encounters in their daily routines. These scenarios are reflect the real-life workings of being a Personal Chef and are drawn from the information found in the Option A (PC101) "The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef" Training Manual.

    We've prepared this video to show you just how "Doable" your new career is!

    We're introducing one of our APCA Member Chefs. Her name is Jessica Leibovich, and she is owner/operator of Entree Nous Personal Chef Service in San Diego CA. Chef Jessica is a Graduate of Johnson & Wales and also spent time studying at La Varenne in Paris, so you'll enjoy watching her in the kitchen.

    You will see Jessica conduct an "assessment meeting" with potential clients to determine what they like to eat and how they like to eat, and whether or not they have any allergies, sensitivities or dietary parameters that need to be addressed.

    You'll see Jessica working in her home office developing a menu for these first time clients from the assessment information, and preparing a set of Heating Instructions to be left with the beautiful entrees she'll be preparing for them.

    Later, you'll see Jessica shopping for fresh ingredients to be used that day. and arriving at the client's home for her first cook date with her cooking equipment and ingredients, and getting set-up for a day of food preparation.

    We'll watch Jessica prepare the classic personal chef service model of 5 entrees and side dishes for her clients which she will also package and label for their future enjoyment, as well as discussing tips on cooling and freezing.

    After viewing this tape you should have a comfortable feel for what your new career as a personal chef entails. The goal is to blend your cooking skills and passion with our systems and resources to help you build and operate a successful Personal Chef business.

    A Day in the Life of a Personal Chef © (approx. runtime 126 min.)

    This is the first videotape provides a clear insight into the business side of the Personal Chef service industry-wide. Here you will experience:

                        The one-on-one client assessment

                        Packing and transporting your personal chef kit

                        Preparing labels and containers for use

                        Menu planning and development
                        The paperwork of the Personal Chef

    Part II takes you to the ultimate point of being a Personal Chef - the Cookdate!
    Here you will witness the real-life situations of:

                        Shopping for your clients

                        Cooking for your clients

                        Safe food handling and storage

    This is like tagging along for a WEEK with a successful personal chef invaluable for helping you gain the insight, confidence and motivation to move YOUR business in the right direction!.

    The "A Day in the Life of a Personal Chef" videotape is available as an intregal part APCA Training Options A, B and C Programs. Active APCA members may purchase this excellent 2nd edition videotape separately at a discount rate of $49.95 plus S&H. For more information Active Members of APCA can visit the Personal Chef Mall in the Video Library Area pages.

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