How APPCA is Different?



APPCA (American Personal & Private Chef Association) is the largest legitimate professional personal and private chef trade association in the United States.When doing your research prior to selecting your professional family, make certain you check to see what, if any, contributions the organization has contributed to the growth or credibility of the personal-chef industry. Much of what you hear from some organizations boils down to simple chest beating and smoke and mirrors with little substance.APPCA can honestly answer the question: “What contributions have you brought to the personal-chef industry?” with these straightforward answers:

  1. APPCA spent years working with the American Culinary Federation (ACF) in order to earn the public validation of the career path for personal chefs. APPCA elevated the career path from fad to a legitimate culinary career through this relationship with ACF.
  2. APPCA worked with ACF in partnership to co-develop the only 3rd party accredited certification criteria for professional personal chefs.
  3. APPCA worked in partnership with the insurance industry to create the most comprehensive, flexible general-liability insurance available to personal chefs. APPCA offers discount rates for broad, flexible coverage in a policy in your name (that you own exclusively), while the No. 2 personal-chef organization offers narrow, pooled coverage that is shared by hundreds of other members in which the master policy is issued in that organization’s name only.
  4. APPCA wrote and published the definitive textbook for culinary-school curriculum for professional personal chefs and aspiring home cooks.
  5. APPCA created and has offered for 18 years the original two-day live personal-chef seminar series.
  6. APPCA has, through its continued visibility in the media and Internet, introduced into acceptance the term “personal chef” into the American lexicon.
  7. APPCA is the only organization that offer scholarships for aspiring personal chefs through professional organizations such as ACF, Women Chefs & Restaurateurs, Les Dames d’Escoffier International and through the U.S. Navy.
  8. APPCA is the only organization whose principal operating officer, Candy Wallace, has been awarded international awards for excellence for creating and developing the personal-chef industry, and has been honored further as Distinguished Visiting Chef at Sullivan University in Louisville, Ky., and Chef of the Month for She is also frequently invited to speak, teach and participate in international culinary conferences and symposiums.

Other groups can tap dance around this question, but what have they really brought to the personal-chef party? If you are asking yourself, “What can this organization do for me and how can it assist in my success as a personal chef?” the answer is simple: Go with the best. Go with APPCA.

The APPCA name is synonymous with professionalism, integrity and honesty in business.  We lead with our actions, we honor our commitments and we deliver what we promise.