Good Morning Candy,

I have been pretty busy as of late. Rewatching your DVD’s, trying to do “PR” work for my husband, Chef Fehmi, and doing lots of emailing for potential clients.

Chef Fehmi just left our home for our first potential client meeting, which will be a Cooking Demo on the 30th of this month. He also has a meeting for a potential Personal Chef client the first week of September set up. We are hoping all goes well.

I also wanted you to know that because of your media DVD and the informaiton you shared about your own advertising experiences, I was able to talk to our local newspaper The Fall River Herald News, and the result of those conversations plus follow-up emails is that Chef Fehmi is now their monthly food columnist! We are so excited. He has had 2 columns as of today. Plus, it is being picked up across the nation!

Thank you for setting up APPCA, it is such a wonderful site, your support staff with Rusty and of course Dennis are so helpful and I also thing the resources are great not to mention, I love that the chefs are so generous with their knowledge.

Take care and Bon Appètit!

Cara and Chef Fehmi Nov-27-2014