If you are SERIOUS about this business, you must make the investment in enrolling in this seminar. If you’ve already purchased your training materials, the additional cost to attend a seminar is not that much (Just call Candy and ask!). There is NOTHING like getting together with experienced PCs (Jim Davis conducted and Wendy Perry visited), along with other new PC’s–to sit down, face- to-face with “Experience” and hammer out all those questions you have (packaging, procedure, marketing, etc., etc., and yes–those insecurities too! There’s no way to ever put all this into a training manual. Each of us are different, and we, therefore, will want to run our businesses differently. The seminar helps you “run with it.

The forums are WONDERFUL, however, the one-on-one is priceless!

Jim and Wendy, heartfelt thanks once again.

Carol Borchardt

A Thought For Food

. . . and P.S. Candy Wallace – You impress the daylights out of me! There are NOT many heads of major organizations that are SO accessible. Every time I’ve dialed the 1-800 number, Candy has answered! Most other places you get the freakin . . . “If you want this, press 1, for this press 2.” And then there’s the e-mail response! Thanks for the wonderful example!

Carol Borchardt,   A Thought For Food Nov-27-2014