Dear Fellow Chefs,

I am new to this association, joined in Nov. 2000. This PC business is a longtime dream of mine and I finally got up the nerve to give it a whirl, thanks to chef Candy, she really gave me a lot of encouragement!!! I am a culinary school graduate (Art Institute of Atlanta) and have been working the hotels and restaurants since my graduation in 1990. Most recently I was an executive chef with Marriott Corporate Services.

The Exec. Chefs in Marriott Svcs. are really an elite group but I have to tell you, they have nothing on you guys!! (all gender inclusive) You Chefs seem to be top notch professionals the way questions are asked and fielded so effeciently.

I knew that I would miss the camaraderie & professionalism then we all enjoyed in our meetings with Marriott, but I think that I have discovered an equal if not transcendent forum in this association. I just wanted all of you to know that I am proud and honored to be considered a part of this group. Best of luck to all in growing their business. Mine has really taken off and I have gotten invaluable help & information that attribute to that, right here on this forum. Keep up the good work Chefs.

Culinarily Yours,

Chef Doug Nov-27-2014