Hi Chef Candy,

I joined the APPCA recently and have already gotten two inquiries from potential clients from your website. This is very encouraging as I am concerned about having enough clients (or any clients for that matter) when I go into business. I am not in business yet however and am writing to ask your advice as to whether or not I should be listed on the site at this time. Should I explain to my leads that I am not yet in business but would love to get in touch once I am licensed and insured, or should I be removed from the site? Please advise.

P.S. I have submitted my FBN and am waiting for it to run in the paper for four weeks so that I can get my license and insurance. My business name will be “Iz Delicious”. I am so excited! Can’t wait to go to the seminar in July.

I have been reading the posts in the forums on the APPCA site and reading them has been so helpful already.


Chef Izzy Nov-27-2014