Ciao Everyone!

I’m just getting set up to start my business…I’m one of those “crazy ones”, trying to get everything ready in 30 days…but I’m actually almost there!

I just wanted to say a thousand thanks to Candy and everyone else in the APPCA! I’ve gone through the training manuels and am reading the forums daily…I’m sooo impressed with the caliber of people, the support everyone is willing to give, the practical suggestions, and the committment everyone has to the success of, not only their own businesses, but to the success of others!

I first heard about the APPCA a few months ago when I read a press release about Chef Kerri’s Gooseberry Fool. I’ve had a desire to work in the cooking industry for many years, but still wanted to be my own boss, and didn’t really have the knowlege how to make it happen.

Since the first day I phoned and spoke with Candy, I knew this was the way I wanted to go! Candy, your dedication to this association and the personal intrest you took in supporting me really made the difference! I’m truly grateful!!!

I also had the privilege of spending time with Chef Kerri. She showed me how she put her kit together and gave me many wonderful suggestions…her help is invaluable to me, Kerri, thank you with all my heart!! Kerri also helped to ally so many fears I had! (Ok, I still have some fears, but I’ll just keep reading all your wonderful experiences and suggestions on the forums!) What a beautiful team to be a part of!!!

I wish I could meet everyone at Orlando next month, it just isn’t possible for me to come at this time. But I’m already determined to go next year…by then, I hope I can be there to encourage others, the way you all are now encouraging me!

Grazie mille e tutto!
A thousand thanks to all,

Chef Peggy, Bella Cucina Nov-27-2014