Just got back from the NJ seminar today and I’m trying to figure out how to put my thoughts into words. I’ve been a member for almost 1 year but I got my materials in the mail, never actually got through them (have ADD, no way I’m ever getting through the whole manual). I decided going to the seminar might be a good investment.

Jim, you did one heck of a job because the first words that come into my head are, “I was blind but now I see”, (only had 1 glass of wine, promise!). I learned so much in the 2 days about PCing but most important, I gained confidence in myself and my business. Being in the group brought me back many years to when I was on a team or in a school club, where I had the genuine support of a leader and my peers and no matter what, they always had my back. I’ve always missed that feeling and now because of this association I’ve got it back. I’m on a team again!

First and foremost I’d like to say thank you to Candy for having a vision and making this whole association possible and putting the people in place for these seminars.

Jim, you’re a gem (your wife, Sandy is a precious stone for putting up with you!), Jim Huff for your words of wisdom I’m truely grateful (of course your wife is totally responsible too), my group, I’d love to work beside anyone of you, APPCA forum thank you for having me on your team and watching my back.

Anyone on the fence about jumping in, is there something wrong with you???

Watch Out Here I Come!!!

Kathy Nov-27-2014