Hello everyone! I am planning to start my own pc business w/i the next year. In doing my research I am trying to make a decision on which ‘start up info. kit’ to purchase (APPCI or uspca). I like the personal touch to APPCI and the cost is much nicer. Does anyone have any opinions on this subject. THANKS!!!

Well, When I first read this message I was going to wait and see what responses it recieved. I could not believe the flames from the other association. I didn’t even want to respond because I didn’t have anything nice to say. But, after reading what I’ve read, I want to tell you my experience. I purchased the package from the USPCA, and spent all the money I had at the time on it. This left me very little to actually start up my business. After a year of working on my start up (Personal and Financial reasons) I finally got enough money together to actually get off the ground. This is when my USPCA membership expired. I was locked out of their PRIVATE forum and all my support was cut off. At first I could of renewed at $199 per year, but after I missed my renewal date, I was informed I could renew at a special price of $99. Also I could “Update my Package” for the minimum of $75 for additional marketing materials, and different prices for other “Updates” AFTER renewing my membership of course. I also asked them about links off of their website to contact other PC’s, or to get some names of other PC’s to network with, I GOT NOTHING. You can’t even E-mail another member directly, you must go through the association. So, I decided to call some Personal Chefs off of this site, and they were the most helpful giving people I have ever come into contact with. Then I spoke with Candy, What a wonderful person, she has spoke with me several times, helped me with many un-answered questions I had, even after a year with the USPCA. Why, She IS a PERSONAL CHEF, She knows what PERSONALIZED SERVICE means, She is an example of that in everything she does. Then because of Candy and this forum I have had the opportunity to network with all the members of this association with out a cost. Linking to other Chefs web sites, help me with marketing, I networked on the “Recipie for Success” network in which the members supported me so much through my first foodshow, it brought tears to my eyes. I know many Chefs have started up their services without puchasing either package, where can you find them? Off of this site only. Do you need to puchase a package? Yes, I think it is neccesary to get up and running without making many common mistakes and to make sure you are doing it legaly. Do you need to spend a fortune to BELONG to the USPCA. Only if you want to RENEW every year to have that privledge, and you want to talk to a staff that are hired for administrative duties like answering the phone. Or would you like to talk to other “Personal Chefs” Granted the USPCA can tell you how big they are or how they CREATED this industry, but will they HELP YOU or do they HELP themselves? From my experience, the only HELP I recieved was from the APPCI and their members. I am sorry that I had to post anything negative on this site about anyone, It is not my style, but to prevent others from making the same mistake I did, I felt I needed to.

Live with Passion Chef Tracy,
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Live with Passion Chef Tracy Nov-27-2014