I just wanted to tell you what a great seminar and over all conference this was. I felt such a sense of companionship with everyone here. Usually I keep to myself at stuff like this, but that was not an option here. Everyone was so friendly and fun to be with. It was just like I was always meant to be with this group of people. Wow…it was just great.

It also reinforced my confidence and desire to be a personl chef. The cooking classes at AI did the same thing. THey confirmed I already know a heck of a lot and gave me some great pointers.

You were especially motivating and inspiring. I felt your love for this business and your desire to help others succeed and make it grow as an industry. You weren’t selling anything. Just giving us the support we need to make it happen for us. Thank you so much for that.

Well, I guess I’ll be talking with you over the next year and hope to see you in New Orleans.

Thanks again for wanting so much for all of us,

Liza Nov-27-2014