Dear APPCA and the APPCA class,

“I have appreciated reading your emails and updates on your businesses – Good luck to all of you in 2007. I have been so busy, that I have not stayed on top of email but I wanted to send you a note to let you know how my business has been doing since the class.

As you all know, I had already started my business previous to the APPCA class, but the class gave me some vital info and tools that have helped me to move my business to the next level. I already had 2 clients, but shortly after the class, someone contacted me for a consultation near Hagerstown – very near where I live, and she hired me during our first meeting. We also set up a regular day for me to come – every tuesday. It’s been about six weeks and she and her family are thrilled with the cooking.

I also gained two more clients after her – one monthly client and one twice a month client. I am still cooking at the retreat I told you about – simply because I still really love it and don’t want to let it go completely, so basically my schedule is very full already. Someone called me last week that I actually had to refer back to the personal chef website.

Anyway, I just want to thank Candy and the APPCA and the whole class because I know that what I needed was some support behind me so I wasn’t doing it all by myself. I really love cooking for people – it just makes my heart happy to know that people are eating nutritious food made with love!

I wish peace, happiness and abundance to each of you in the New Year.

Sarah Nov-27-2014