Hi Lynn,Terry from Toronto here I watched very closely for over a year, both the APPCA and the USPCA, All I can tell you is what I see. I considered joining the USPCA, for a while, but I finally joined the APPCA for several reasons. 1)

The APPCA are a caring knowledgeable group, How could I tell? look at the forums, the people know their stuff and are willing to share info with you even though you are not a member yet. 2) The cost comparison speaks for itself, and remember I paid in Canadian dollars. 3) The kit itself is excellent with everything you need to know. 4) Most of all it is the people and support, I’ll give you an example, The day I got my first client interview set up ,I was so Nervous, so I sat down at my computer and chatted with three PC’s in the chat room, The guy’s (you know who you are) offered me support and suggestions on questions the interview process itself and words of encouragement. Needless to say I landed a Regular client.

So all I can say is think long and hard but you already are halfway there!! you are in THE APPCA forum!!

Terry from Toronto

Terry from Toronto Nov-27-2014