A letter to my fellow Personal Chefs:

Greetings my friends.

It’s been a LOOOONG time since I posted. Been thinking of letting you know what I’ve been up to, just haven’t taken the time. I haven’t been reading the forums much lately either, mostly because I’ve been on a roll and doing pretty darn well, and as you know, life just pulls you along.

I am VERY happy to see how successful APPCA is doing (I have my new logo badge on my chef’s coat!) and that our virtual community continues to grow in its generosity to each other. I refer someone to the website at least once a month.

So here are some of the headlines:

– June was two years for Full Fridge
– I’ve had the same weekly client since I started
– My monthly income climbed from under $1000 a month to over $5000 a month – in one year
– I led my first culinary tour to Tuscany for 16 people this last May and I’m planning another one for Oct. ’08 – a barge trip in Burgundy!
– I came back from Italy to 5 weekly clients, including my first celebrity (local)
– Even so, my client roster continues to fluctuate and I’ve grown very comfortable with the ups and downs – which is a very big deal – no more ‘all or nothing’ thinking!! – I’m confident that work will be found and it’s always true
– My WOTDF is very comfortable
– I’m interviewing with a woman who wants me to be a demo chef on cruises – in fact she says that if it goes well, I can choose the cuisine and the country
– I’m doing my first cooking class through Lisa Waldschmidt (Have Whisk Will Travel) next month
– My last catering client says I’m on his speed dial now
– I designed a romantic dinner for two that includes a structured conversation to bring the couple closer together, and I’ve delivered three of them in the last year (at a premium price, btw)

The best headline of all: Over 90% of my business has come from people finding me on the APPCA website!!

Actually, it might be this one: I’m VERY, VERY happy being a Personal Chef!!!!

Thank you all for giving me grounded, expert advice, for providing great encouragment, for being positive role models and for inspiring me to take the steps towards living my passion!

Say hi if you wanna.
Love and stuff,
Full Fridge

Tom Herndon Nov-27-2014