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Fitness, Nutrition and YOU


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About Personal Chefs

Personal Chefs are a whole new branch of the professional foodservice industry. Our goal is to provide you with palate-specific meals that you can come home to and enjoy when it's convenient for you.

By custom designing each menu and each meal to your individual requirements, your personal chef can ensure that each meal is delightful, satisfying and tailored to your dietary needs.

All meals are prepared in the safety of your kitchen, with fresh ingredients selected and purchased by your personal chef on the morning of your cookdate, providing you with the best quality and highest achievable level of food safety.

By having delicious meals to come home to, you will have more available time for family or recreation, better quality food than commercially frozen entrees, and the feeling that you're "eating right" for your health.

And the best part is, having a personal chef isn't just for the rich and famous anymore. Many personal chef clients are regular, time-starved professionals and families.

Follow the links to the left to learn more about how a personal chef can enrich your life, or to find a personal chef in your area right now!

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