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To better serve our members' requests for services we ask you follow the processes below to ensure all requests are met on as timely a basis as possible.

Use the links on the left to:
                          activate or change your email alias
                          activate or change your web referral page

Call 1-800-644-8389 or email member services if you need to:

                          get additional email alias information
                          get additional web referral information
                          access to members forums
                          obtain renewal information
                          have APCA electronic files (including recipes) support
                          make changes to your membership record including
                            name, business name, address, email and website changes
                            telephone and fax numbers, and any other information
                            that enables us to reach you

Call 1-800-644-8389, use the secure order form, or email Member Services to:

                         join the APCA or renew membership
                         order educational materials
                         obtain information regarding media communications

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