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    APCA – The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef Seminar

    Sponsor: The American Personal Chef Institute and Association
    Scholarship: If you want the ultimate in “how to” start your own Personal Chef Service, then this Seminar is the answer for you. Join other new members for a 2-day Seminar lead by a successful working Personal Chef. This Seminar digs deep into the Personal Chef Service Program and provides the greatest level of detail and interraction with other Personal Chefs you can get! By attending the Seminar, you will have the opportunity to thoroughly cover the entire Personal Chef Service program, ask specific questions and apply this knowlege to your specific business and gain confidence, cameraderie and further insights from interracting with other Personal Chefs. Upon completing the seminar,you’ll receive an APCA Certificate of Seminar Completion.

    Eligibility: Any member of WCR with an interest in pursuing a career as a personal chef.

    Includes: This scholarship covers the cost of attending the APCA seminar, The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef. It also includes a one-year membership in the association. The scholarship does not cover travel to the seminar, accommodations or other related expenses.

    Dates: The seminar is held several times each year in cities throughout the country. Visit  for additional information on upcoming dates.

    Application Requirements: Completed scholarship application plus a one-page typed essay about your interest in a career as a private chef and how this scholarship will impact you professionally.

    As the winner of the Personal Chef Scholarship this past year, I formed lasting ties with Candy Wallace and was able to meet some other personal chefs at the conference. It was a wonderful place to meet up with people from all over the country (and world) and share your experiences and ideas. I enjoyed sharing my personal chef seminar experience with others who are considering the path.

    Debbi Dubbs,
    2005 APCA Scholarship



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