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American Personal Chef Association

The Year of the
Personal Chef Option"®
Chicago Seminar Personal Chefs April 2001

To enjoy the relationship and sense of esprit-de-corps with other talented, creative Personal Chefs who share our "career of choice". To continue to allow our professional careers to enhance our emotional and financial well-being - in other words, folks - let's do great work, make money and have fun, too!

APCA Membership entitles you to the following priviledges:

  • Credibility and prestige of National Professional Association Membership.
  • Access to purchase APCI Training Materials
  • Free Web Link Page on PersonalChef dot Com Find a Personal Chef Directory which now gets over 20,000 hits per week.
  • An additional Free Web link listing at
  • Email Alias (Forwarding) Address from (
  • Free Client referral services.
  • Access to A+ Rated Liability Insurance
  • Mastercook Deluxe 9.0 Recipe & Cookbook software INCLUDED.
  • Access to all of the valuable APCA Private Online Discussion forums.
  • Eligibility to attend APCA Summit conferences and continuing education sessions.

  • PLUS..

    NEW!   A CD-ROM entitled "Member's Quick Start Multi-Media CD" complete with

    • APCA Cookbooks in Mastercook format
      with installation setup and FAQs
    • Web Referral Page information
    • Liability Insurance
    • Email Alias Address Set-up
    • Fast Access to the Members' Private Forums
    • Press Release Kit Templates
    • Personal Chef Media Information & Articles
    • Heating and Freezing Recipe Information
    • Sales Presentation and BONUS Files
    • Multi-media Personal Chef Film Clips
    • Over 600 Interactive Files!


    Membership Fees are:

  • Personal Chefs already in business who desire affiliation only: $300.00

  • Annual Membership Renewal Fee/Dues: $150

    Your Anniversary Date is your due date. To save costs, you will not be billed for annual dues. Fees apply for late submission.

    Fees/Dues not received within 30 days after Anniversary Date disconnects you from APCA Member Forum and Benefits. An additional 25% administrative charge applies to Membership Renewals after 30 days from the Anniversary Date. Fees/Dues allowed to become delinquent after 60 days from the Anniversary Date require 50% administrative charge.

    All fees are subject to ONE ANNUAL, not monthly, not quarterly, review to assess cost of providing better services on behalf of active members. Any change in fee schedules will be posted on the American Personal Chef Member Forum/Page 60 days prior to effective date of changes.

  • Call 800-644-8389 or 619-294-2436 for more information.
  • Local Chapters in the Spotlight

    Northern California Chapter of APCA
    Puget Sound Chapter of APCA

    The American Personal Chef Association, one of the driving forces responsible for the creation and growth of the Personal Chef Industry, invites you to become a member of their International Organization of Professional Personal Chefs who are committed to the following:

    "Growing" the Personal Chef industry in an ongoing Professional and Responsible manner.

    Supporting the success of Personal Chefs - no matter what their affiliation - in building successful, fulfilling, state-of-the-art Personal Chef Businesses.

    Supplying cutting edge - up to date - training and support systems for working Personal Chefs.

    Providing a network for professional Personal Chefs through both the National Association and Local Chapters of the National Association, in order to represent the Personal Chef Industry as a credible force within their local communities, and as a opportunity for local Personal Chefs to share their strengths and grow together.

    Providing an Internet presence with which to expand the public's knowledge, make available to the public the information for contacting Personal chefs in their areas, and to provide a PERSONAL CHEF FORUM for Personal chefs around the Globe to be in touch with one another 24 hours a day.

    To also provide a MEMBER CHEF FORUM as a means of disseminating pertinent information instantly and acting as a "help-line" for member chefs with inquiries or information they wish to share with the group. The Members Only private forum has over 15,000 posts. It has been called "Personal Chef Graduate School!"

    Providing the highest quality of service to our clients on an ongoing basis.

    To take a stand on maintaining Personal and Professional Integrity in our Industry.

    Click here to order you Personal Chef Training Program thru Secure Online.

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