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References From Happy Members

We are proud to have received these unsolicited messages from people who have contacted us regarding their experiences with our organization.

Not only have you been instrumental in helping us get our careers off the ground, but you are also responsible for us becoming fast friends. Your influence continues to do good deeds, even if I, too, am swearing off wine for a while today! Joannie, Terry and Bonnie just left to go their separate ways and we are already planning our next get-together, which will probably be in Vegas. I'm going to San Fran next week for vacation and I'll be hooking up with Joannie at her annual Oscar party. So glad to have APCA in my life!

Have a great week!


Thanks so much Candy for touching base with me!
I was able to get into the forums. I check them everyday. Reading them inspires me everyday. You are just the best as I have said to so many people, talking to you and then finally meeting you has been my inspiration to pursue cheffing much more seriously. I have been trying to do all the things that were mentioned in the seminar last week. I have received my liability insurance quote and have let them know that I am fine with the quote and to write the policy...
You have a very blessed day!

Hello Candy
I spoke to you before Christmas and I am now getting my feet off the ground I want to let you know how much i have enjoyed the wealth of information in your kit I am excited to begin my personal chef business and I look forward to on-line discussions.
Orlando Fl

Hello, I first would like to thank you for letting me pursuit my dreams. I've always love to cook and when I realized I wanted to become a Chef, It was too late. I've already had two children and an Internet business with my husband. I couldn't possible say to him...Honey, I quit...I am going to school for a year to become a Chef and when I graduate who knows who will hire me... Surfing the net I found you and well...I had made a name for myself here in Montego Bay. I don't particularly follow your rules. Things in Jamaica are different. Everybody has a maid so I don't cook for them. They also don't beleive in frozen food, BUT!!! I implemented a eat healthy plan and since Jamaicans don't know how to eat healthy, they hire me to cook their meals daily. I cook their three meals plus two snacks from my house and they pick it up from me and put it in their fridge. I also cook for parties and corporations. Anyways, I like more information about college. Can you do it online or by mail??? Thanks, Madelaine

It is apparent you all really enjoy what you do . . . thank you for your dedication. I also want to complement you on the advice to purchase the Mastercook software. It is truly useful tool, and with the for a $10 rebate, a real bargain. Keep up the good work.
Chef Fred

Dear Candy,

Enough can't be said about your efforts! While I'm a new pc (first cook date is Tuesday), I joined the APCA back in November. Once I laid out all of the business plans, made it through the holidays and a needed medical procedure, I started advertising/marketing. I'm happy to let you know that my first client found my website via Find A Chef, only 1 week after my link being added to the site!

I've also collected a $1,000 fee for an event I'm catering for a party of 12. My closing ratio is at 100% (ha ha)! I do however, recognize that what this closing ratio means is that Find A Chef brings in well qualified leads.

And today, I received an email from an individual in Canada who found my website through Find A Chef and is wondering if I could provide consulting services to help her begin her business. My background is in consulting, so this of course is invigorating! I of course will be passing her information along to you so that you might contact her to further support my recommendation that she join the APCA.

Thanks for you efforts. They do not go unnoticed!

Sincerest regards,


Hi Candy,

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday reviewing your web site and reading through the archives. Personally, I believe this is a wonderful tool because it gives a prospective PC the opportunity to visit the archives and have most, if not all, of their questions answered. I have always loved cooking and I believe it is truly my passion. The price you charge for the course is VERY reasonable and I know within a month (if not before) I will be able to join your organization. It is good to know that you don't have to be a professional trained chef or have a culinary degree. Moreover, while reading the responses in the archives, it became very clear that APCAs are more like a family and are always willing to help. The information that was given to potential PCs was very endearing. Candy, you have definitely touched the pulse of the camaraderie that is needed for everyone to become successful.

People often forget that Together Each Accomplish More.

Have a great day! :-)


I am fairly new as well, about 4 months. I am so loving this job.. I have no clients yet, but I may after tomorrow when I have a business breakfast with 50 of the areas business owners. I am so excited. I do have a hot tip for you. Use the website in the manual and type in your state and get all the newspapers and tv stations in your area and email and send a hard copy of your press release. I did this on Tuesday night and on Wednesday morning I had an email from a paper about it, a call from a paper about it and a tv crew that wanted to film me cooking for a client.

Candy really knows what she is talking about, use her info and have fun!!!!!!!!


Last night I typed up my press release and went to the website like suggested in the manual to search for Maine newspaper publications. I emailed the local publications with the press release and also printed a hard copy and mailed it. Just from email alone, I got two calls. One was from the local tv station which I emailed for the heck of it and hoping they would just print it on their website and they asked if I would be interested in either doing a cooking show in my home once a week or doing a tv interview for my PC business. I was so floored I almost died.

Then 5 minutes later I got a call from a newspaper that said they were going to print the release or atleast part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moral of the story-

Part 1: THANK YOU CANDY for such wonderful advice and such an awesome oppurtunity.

Part 2: Use that website!!!!! Email and send hard copy.


I need to share with all of you that the NPR interview with Candy has brought me nine calls and three e-mails and I have sent six packets of brochures, prices, menus, etc. out just today! I even developed a kid's menu last night! And my phone rings every morning early.....ALL from Candy's interview and they even mention her by name. All I can say, Candy, is thank you. I'm thrilled! They are finding me in the yellow pages and on the Webpage. A woman called me from Estes Park (a long way from the Springs), wanting me to cook for her parents here. That wonderful interview went everywhere and it looks like everyone heard it!

Also want to share with you that Debbie is on Denver PBS tonight with the chefs there. (She invited me, but I just couldn't make it). She's doing a great job - a short interview, telling what we do with our pots and pans, etc. I'm soooo proud to be a part of the Rocky Mountain group, whom I haven't even met yet - plan to as soon as I get a minute. I've never been so busy in my life!!!

Love you Candy - and all the rest of you - good luck...

Gram ( Ellie Ruth)
Ellie's Cookery

Dear Fellow Chefs,
I am new to this association, joined in Nov. 2000. This PC business is a longtime dream of mine and I finally got up the nerve to give it a whirl, thanks to chef Candy, she really gave me a lot of encouragement!!! I am a culinary school graduate (Art Institute of Atlanta ) and have been working the hotels and restaurants since my graduation in 1990. Most recently I was an executive chef with Marriott Corporate Services. The Exec. Chefs in Marriott Svcs. are really an elite group but I have to tell you, they have nothing on you guys!! (all gender inclusive) You Chefs seem to be top notch professionals the way questions are asked and fielded so effeciently. I knew that I would miss the camaraderie & professionalism then we all enjoyed in our meetings with Marriott, but I think that I have discovered an equal if not transcendent forum in this association. I just wanted all of you to know that I am proud and honored to be considered a part of this group. Best of luck to all in growing their business. Mine has really taken off and I have gotten invaluable help & information that attribute to that, right here on this forum. Keep up the good work Chefs.

Culinarily Yours,

Chef Doug

Two years ago I got on the internet and found Candy and the APCA. I bought the whole program; membership, seminar, training program and a listing on personal After several months of shuffling my feet and afraid to leave my roots in the restaurant industry, I got down to business and followed her program. It's very hard work starting your own business.

I got customers, made mistakes, got better and then I got quite good. Now, I have 200% of I wanted to achieve. Before taxes, I will make six figures this year. I work five days a week/50 hours. I cook for 10 great clients weekly that love my service and me.

I am certain I would not be this successful, prosperous and happy without Candy & Dennis's organization. We now have a Northern California APCA Chapter, one of the first, which is supported by the APCA/APCI. Everytime I look around this organization is growing and getting better. It's very exciting. Now, I'm part of it.

If you have what it takes, you will love working for yourself in this industry. Save yourself time and money and join THIS organization. Take it from someone who walked the road less traveled.

Chef Dane

Dear Chef Candy,

I would like to say Thanks a million to the American Personal Chef Industry. I have always wanted to do something "grand" with my cooking talents. Restaurants just didn't seem to fulfill my needs. I then entered "Corporate America" & hated that even more. After reading an article about personal chef services in the Woman's World magazine, I did some research & knew it was the best thing for me.

I have been a member since July 2000, & I have learned so much about this industry. It is a lot of work starting your own business, but it has also been so much fun. The training materials were very thorough & the unwavering help & support that Chef Candy & Dennis gives made it so easy!

I love doing what I do! I get to actually help people eat better & give them more time to do the things that they need to do. To date all of my clients have come from the APCA referral system. I also have been able to be helpful to other personal chefs as they have with me. It is truly a team effort for each chef to succeed!

On a personal level, I have also grown. This has made me more aware of how my daily living affects others. Being a member of the APCA has really enriched my life. It is such a great feeling to know you are not just another name or face working the daily grind. The APCA has become my "second" family. The help & the support given is tremendous and I am eternally grateful.

My chef's hat is off to you: Candy, Dennis, & the entire APCA!

Yours truly,

Chef Jackie Alejo

Dear Candy and Dennis:

It has been only one day since my find a chef link has been on the website and I have already gotten an inquiry! I'll keep you posted. Thanks for all the wonderful things you do for the APCA.


Very long time, no see (should I say "no hear?")...I suppose it seems as if I've dropped off of the "forum planet"...thanks to you and your wonderful personal cheffing concept, I've been too busy this summer to keep up with the forum at all! My part-time venture is pushing full-time now that the girls are in school, and I'm getting at least 1 new inquiery per week from the APCA website link. Business could not be better, and I just wanted to drop you a line and THANK YOU very sincerely for this great career we're all building for ourselves. Hope all is going well at headquarters...y'all have fun in Boston..
Take care-


I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me. The conversation was both informative and rejuvenating for me. You have restored my excitement about making a career in the culinary field. The industry needs more people like you. I am currently going over the materials you provided me and I am sure I will have plenty of questions. What has really impressed me is the high level of support offered by both you personally and the personal chef network community.


Hi Chef Candy!

Got the news letter and my membership card in the mail the other day. This is going to be a greaty year, I can just feel it. Hope you can feel it too. It seems my B&B is just what the chef ordered. The B&B is the advertising element my chef business needs to get the word out. My guests are the ones who pass on the word to others.

I'm really impressed with the work you guys are doing with the website. Looks great! It's also nice to see other Canucks joining the APCA: The World's Best Personal Chef Association. I am greatful for your hard work and the dedication you and Dennis are contributing to all of us out here in the field.

Thank you


From Maureen

Hey Sherri & Scott! I just wanted to respond to your question about Candy's/APCA's training materials. I think it is a GREAT investment! I am new to the personal chef business ... I announced my business just 2 months ago. Right now I have several regular clients, and all but one of them found me through my web page set up by the APCA. Just to put that in perspective, a couple of cooking visits with these clients and your investment is paid off! I haven't even had time to do any other sort of advertising yet because I've been busy. I feel the web page has been a great success. Also, I come from a corporate background where I worked for a Fortune 50 company for 15 years. I quit two years ago because I knew I wanted my own cooking business. I did a few other things on the side to ready me for that, and then I discovered the APCA. For a while I spent time reading through all their old forum archives. Boy, did I learn alot from that. It saved me a bunch of time in setting up my business. Then I spoke with Candy a few times, and she was always helpful. I was hesitant to purchase the training materials as well because of the same thoughts you are having: it's alot of money-what if I don't go through with the business, etc. I decided to make the investment, and I'm glad I did. The training materials will give you all the info you need to get you business up and running. The video included was extremely helpful because you got to see a day in the life of a personal chef. When I considered all that I learned and the time I saved by using these materials, the investment was well worth it. And these days, this investment is minimal considering what it could cost you to start up other businesses.

I wish you luck with your businesses. If you love to cook, that will show and your business will grow. And if you do decide to invest in the training package, the help you will get from the rest of the members of the APCA through the forum will be unbelievable. They are a great group of folks that don't hesitate to help each other out. And, we also have alot of fun talking and sharing ideas, experiences, etc.

Hope to see you on the forum!

Chef for You

From Don in Florida


It was a pleasure talking with you today. I hope one day to have the pleasure of being face to face with you and giving you a testimonial that will knock the socks off of everyone. I have mailed the Money Order, Brochure, and a Business Card. Please critique the brochure and business card and help me to improve it. The sample menu on the brochure will be redone to add more common things that represent our area.

Thanks again and I wait with such excitement it is hard to contain self. Any thoughts, comments or just want to talk. Let me know.

Great cooking!

From Tony in Virginia

Candy, How are you? I just closed with my first client last Tuesday! The whole client assesment process was very very easy to me.I felt very comfortable throughout the entire thing.Anyway,I left with a check in hand 7 day's prior to my first cooking date! They(a busy couple) need me to cook for them weekly! what a trip! I'm very pleased.

Enclosed, please find a copy of my flyer which I would like to use as my "new Web-page". .... Candy, Thanks so much for your positive support. It's a great help to have you in there with me .



From Sharon O. in Lancaster, PA

Hi Candy,

I just got finished watching your amazing video and I want to tell you how much I learned watching it. You answered questions that I had (and ones I didn't even know I had!), thanks!

This video has laid a fine foundation for more!

I haven't finished reading the manual yet, but what I have seen is so well thought out...

Whew! What a big job...


From Susan R. in Frostburg, MD

Hi Candy,

I wanted to let you know that I think your training material package is great. I've only had the time to quick read the info, but it has been an informative source for me. Many questions answered. I know I will have a few more!

Again thanks and I will talk to you soon.


From Diane S.


I'm sooooooooo excited. After I spoke with you today and realized I made a major commitment to myself I felt powerful and deeply satisfied. Thank you so much for your generosity and understanding. I am eager to receive your materials and I know we will be talking soon.


Diane S.

From Maggie W.

Candy: the video was worth the price of the entire package!!!!

I found the tape to be informative...

As always thanks for your assistance

Maggie W

From Chef Neil in Naples, FL

Hello Chef Candy,

I wanted to Say hi. I received all the material, and have gone throw them all. I have allready filled in the buisness plan part, and excited about the buisness.

Well I can't wait to get started. Thank you for all the good material.

Chef Neil

From Ronaele G. in Texas

Hi Candy ! I want to start by saying thank you so very much for the training material I recieved last week. I've been going through it alittle at a time, it's a bit overwhelming, but on the most part I think I'm understanding everything.

Thanks again ! Ronaele G

By the way I just wanted to let you know I thought the video was great!!

From Peggy


Thank you for continuing to allow us to have this place for positive support and education with no strings attached. (you stick to the rules and advertise on your web page not the message board!!!!

Thanks again for you help and support.


From Terri P. Norcross, GA


I am very excited about starting my own personal chef business. I have been monitoring the open forum for some time and I am impressed by the helpfulness of everyone, especially you.

Terri P

From Mary C.


I would like to thank you for the phone call yesterday. You really answered a lot of my questions. It's great to have some support. Starting you own business can be a bit scary, but you have calmed my fears. It's nice to know we're not alone.

Again, I want to thank you for your thoughtfullness and knowledge.


Mary C.

From Jason R. in Mukilteo, WA


My name is Jason, I have been in the industry for the last 14 years...

......since you use Master cook. I having been using Master cook since Version 1, and I feel that it is the best food program out there.

Thanks for your time,


From Chef Linda M

I am still very new at it myself. But I can tell you I love it. The best person to contact is Candy Wallace, she is full of info and can get you off to a great start as she did me. I am always glad to chat though and mull over ideas. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you's been hectic the past few weeks!

Good Luck,

Chef LindaM

From Ginny B. in Mahatten Beach, CA

Hi Candy,

Thank you for the training materials I received a few weeks ago. What a treasure! There is so much to learn and study. I appreciate the effort and organization that you have put into this.


Ginny B

From Lulu R. in New York State

I am just getting started and I must say the one most helpful thing for me has been working with Candy Wallace and the APCI. She is a gem and I believe that her materials are really all you will need to get yourself going. If you love to cook and help other people, I believe that after spending a few hours reading the materials and then putting your own spin to it - you will find that it will be a worthwhile step.

I think there are enough other chefs out there to network with (and you can connect with alot of them through the APCI) that that will be a help too. It's always great to talk things over with others in the same profession and situation.

The next piece of advice I'd like to give you is - just do it!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Lulu R

From Debra H. in Iowa


My quest to become a PC is going well! I have support from family and friends. After my mom's funeral in March, my aunt was listening to me and my friends dicusss the idea. My aunt told me to "Go for it!" She will be in town next week and I can't wait to show her my brochure! A couple of my friends have been putting their two cents in too so the brochure isn't final. I have come up with my name: Someone's In The Kitchen. What do you think of that name? So far my friends have liked it. I hope they are not just saying that!

I find you fit in Deepak Chopra's The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I am so happy to have connected with you!

As soon as I finish my materials, I will be sending them for my web page.

Thank you so much Candy, for caring about others!

From Peggy M.


Just when I think the site is perfect ....You add another great area. Looking great!!!!


From Lisa R. in Gaithersburg, MD

Dear Candy,

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I am looking forward to receiving further information from you and I am very excited about the prospects of becoming a personal chef.



From Karen W. in Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Dennis,

I have really apppreciated the support you have given all of us here as members of the American Personal Chef Association but especially your wife Candy. You truly are giving people who care about helping others and I am where I am today doing what I really enjoy because of the APCI training materials, Candy's encouragement, and the support you have given your wife and her goals. Thank you for being the kind of people you are.

With much appreciation,


From Gary in Vancouver, Canada

Subject: Re: becoming a member

Hi (Prospective Member)

You will find Candy Wallace to be very helpful and supportive. She will go out of her way to help you with any questions on setting you up. The package is excellent value. I have over twenty years experience in the business but found the information on getting setup for personal cheffing very useful.

The value of the time you will save in setting up is worth the price alone.

Good Luck

Are you in Canada?

What's cooking?

From Rebecca D. in Dallas, Texas

Hello Candy-

I so enjoyed my conversation with you yesterday! Thanks so much for your time and for answering my questions. I purchased Master cook suite today and am very excited. I will be ordering your system next week. I can't wait to get started. Your good energy cemented my decision to go for it and get out of my current situation. I can't thank you enough and I hav'nt even laid eyes on the training materials. I look forward to meeting you in person one day too!

Happy week
Rebecca D.

From Gary T. in Vancouver, B. C.

I would strongly reccomend joining the American Personal Chef Institute. It will save you alot of time and frustration. Its got lot's of valuable information. I'm a person with over 20 years in the food business, but I have still found the information in the package very useful. Its a fairly new business, but people really need this service.

Go for it


From Debra H. in West Des Moines, Iowa

Dear John, I am sorry you are dazed and confused. Candy is not only sincere and enthusiastic, she cares about your success. She answers e-mail questions promptly and calls in person to answer questions. I have been pleased with the recipes I have tested from Candy's materials. I found her materials to be straight forward, in language that I understand, and very thorough. Candy provides a foundation that I can build on. I am in the beginning stages of start up but my friend who has a masters degree in marketing says I am doing things right from creating a business plan to all the other steps I have followed.

The program was not so expensive that I couldn't get started. The on going support is there. Candy's materials are covered by copyright laws. My feelings about Candy are that she cares about the Personal Chef Industry, and since it is relatively new, wants to make sure that the impressions of a Personal Chef are good ones so our industry will flourish.

Hope this helps.

From Shelley F. in Victoria Texas

First of all...thank you for the time you took to speak to the VICTORIA ADVOCATE for their story they did on my business. I will send you a copy, it was fantastic! My phone has not stopped ringing and my business has taken off like a ROCKET! I am still at my full time job, which leads me to my big question...How do people do this part-time? What type of scheduling do they use? HELP? I am feeling overwhelmed and crazy. What do you suggest?

Thanks again for all your help and guidance.

Sincerely yours,

From Linda M. in Willows, Virginia

Hello John......
Don't worry , you are in the right hands with Candy. I felt the career move into this field was perfect for me. Also the price of the program made me hesitate a lot...changing jobs etc. needed to conserve. To make a long story short started searching and found Candy. I can't praise her enough or her program . Within a few days I had customers and within 1 day of being on her website with my own page had contacts and very favorable response. Candy is well respected and is well known in San Diego. I believe in the long run you will be much happier with Candy.All you need is in her program there is no stone left unturned.

You have to remember this is a program written by a chef in the business for many years, before putting her plan in writing. Her program may not seem as professional but it is and after all wouldn't you want the knowledge of someone who has actually walked the same steps you are about to take? Candy has held my hand all the way and is always been available to me when I called to get advice and mind you this is all free. Even before I received the program she made me feel so comfortable and secure in my decision.She never pressured me to buy program,just waited until I was ready. I have found her materials an incredible time saver as well as help I would never have thought of many things on my own until after being in the business for quite awhile I feel she has saved me more than a years worth of trial and error, plus I know she will always be there to guide me and her enthusiasm is catchy ....I have even called her late at night never a complaint and ALWAYS had time for me.

As far as the recipes go...I have used several , found them all delicious..The only difference I saw in the recipes was in the way the two programs presented them and really as chefs we should be able to figure out what size tin to use or how to freeze..but then again any questions call Candy at the 800# and pick her brain!!!She has all the answers, really she does. I feel more comfortable because of the time I spent with her and knowing It's like having her standing next to me in the kitchen when I'm cooking. That may sound a little much but believe me this woman has a great energy and is really there for us...her success is our success She's promoting something she believes in, not in it for the money.

I truly believe all you need is there along with the Master cook (Which I bought at comp usa with a $20. refund) I've only been doing this for a short time and was very scared!! Since Candy all has feel into place and the newest incredible thing is I have been asked to appear on a local Chefs TV show AMAZING.....she just gets you going in the right direction!!

As you can see I could go on and on...Really the best thing is a program written by someone who has been there...not a professional writer who only knowledge is how to write and maybe it looks better but it's not. I'm not trying to put anyone down but I believe advice is best taken from someone who is qualified- meaning has an actual working knowledge - first hand. I've been in business many years and my mentors have always been someone who has succeeded in the field I was looking at or in.

Believe me she is the most sincere person I know you won't be she will always be just a phone call away to help. She won't put you on hold...She really cares!

If I can be of any other assistance please let me know.Good luck in your new career...ou'll love it!

Best Wishes........Chef LindaM

From Shelley W. in a small Virginia town

Dear Candy -

Thanks for responding to me so quickly! I am sure you are a very busy woman and it looks as though you find the time to get to everyone. That's great! I am very much interested in becoming a personal chef in my small town in the state of Virginia. It was refreshing to read Lulu's message indicating that she also services a small town in Colorado. That's encouraging. I do indeed intend to purchase your training package however I feel that first I must speak to my husband about it as we are planning on going in this together but I am the fortunate one to do the research for it. I must gather all the info I have located and review it with him. After all, it will be a partnership so I must act like a partner. We too have three children to tend to as well, (I notice a lot of your chefs are parents of small children like me). It looks as though this is a family friendly business in the sense that you can create your own schedule. That, besides my love of cooking, is what I am searching for.

Thanks again for your helpful info, please thank Charles as well for the referral and I will contact you via phone to discuss things further.

Culinarily yours,

Shelley W.

From Timothy H. in Orange County, CA

Greetings, Candy!

Thank you so much for both your vote of confidence and willingness to share your experiences in the Personal Chef field. Like I said last night, since graduating in 1996, my heart is led closer and closer to this area of the culinary industry. I know burn-out and frustration is nothing new to you and to see your true desire for the success of others is reassuring.

I spoke with my mother and niece about your business, and at that same time my mother was going to tell me about an article she read about a personal chef, named Candy Wallace. It gave me goose bumps. It is just continued conformation that the path I am on, is the correct one.

It is my hope to be up and cooking within the month. I feel with the tools acquired through my education and your Training Program, that success is around the corner. Would be possible within the next week or so, for my mother and I to visit with you and see firsthand your accomplishments? The drive to San Diego would be an exciting one.

Again, thank you soooo much for your immediate response and support. I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Timothy H.

Another Email From Timothy H.

To: ChefCandy1

Good evening....actually good morning (2:00am Tues), my whole thought process has evolved. Candy, I can tell you already - you have given me the icing to frost the cake :) It's been a whirlwind weekend! Traffic was a breeze on Friday. I got to work first thing Saturday morning and by Monday afternoon, I presented to Mom. She dug it. I'm financed. My goal by the end of the week is to have all my business forms complete and printed for mailing early next week. I wish my typing skills were quicker, i've got 80-100 personal contacts I need forward info to. The support thus far has been incredible! Well I won't go on and on - I would like to talk with you sometime late tuesday or early wednesday for some general questions. Again Candy...I am so grateful I found you. Not surprised, grateful.


From Lulu R. in Fairport, NY


I find this work extremely rewarding. I am just starting out and have found the American Personal Chef Institute materials extremely helpful in starting my own business as well as the personal support that I have received from them. I would be more than happy to speak with you live about this at any point should you be interested. What are your plans with this.


From Barbara D. in Colorado

Dear Burt;

How great to hear that there's another entrepreneur thinking of starting out in this most worthwhile business!

My partner and I are planning to franchise our business this fall since we've found it to be a much needed service with a phenomenal growth rate and a good return on investment. One of the reasons we are franchising is that we have done all the hit and miss marketing and have fine tuned that aspect of the business so that now marketing doesn't occupy so much of our time. Also, this is such a new concept that finding the correct way to educate people about our service took a lot of thinking, redoing and starting over. Our television commercials and fliers are now starting to bring great results and these materials will be available to our franchisees so they don't have to go through the same process. The service is being enthusiastically received here in little Grand Junction, Colorado and we feel that if we can establish a good clientele here, the business will be profitable virtually anywhere in an area of 100,000 people or more.

The material we received from the American Personal Chef Association and the subsequent support we've received is absolutely excellent. It is far superior to any other association of its kind. We enthusiastically recommend it!

Good luck with your business.

From Gary T. in Vancouver, British Colombia

Hi Candy.

Got my package this morning and after a quick look I am very impressed. It is just what I need to get me on track I have excellent cooking skills but without your plan I wasn't really going anywhere now I have direction and purpose

Thanks so Much .

I didn't have to pay any duty either .

Let's Get cooking!

Also From Gary T.


Now having discovered that you are indeed head honcho at APCI I am impressed at no time in any of your messages have you tried to sell me anything. I like that . Maybe we'll be doing business.


From Sharon in Michigan

Hi Kristie.

Saw your message on the Open Forum... Unfortunately, my business is not yet up & running... Lack of funds & time right now... I'm hoping that within the next month I can get myself organized enough to send out my first advertising mailing...I know what I want to do, I just have to get moving and get it done...Have you sent for the materials yet? I think you'll see that with Candy's system you get A LOT for your money. Other similar training systems are SO overpriced and then they charge you for any extras...With Candy's, it's all included...I would highly recommend her program.


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