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Personal Chef Business Video Library
Business Video Library
Once your business is up and running, there is always room for performance improvement.

APCA members can purchase
The Professional Personal Chef Business Video Library to help support and enhance their business performance where they need it the most!
Check out some of these personal chef specific topics:

Food Packaging for Personal Chefs
Part of the Seminar Video package, or available separately to APCA members, this tape discusses the details of properly selecting and packaging your beautiful meals for clients to enjoy as though they were just made. Hosted by Personal Chef Candy Wallace, Personal Chef Debbie Garner, and Personal Chef Jim Davis.  $49.95

Pressure Cooking for Personal Chefs
Although it's a heavy utensil to pack around, the pressure cooker can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to helping a Personal Chef prepare meals for their clients. See how the pressure cooker can be one of your best friends in your portable kitchen kit.   $49.95

Figuring It All Out (Financial Mgmt)
So the money's rolling in and you're heading for easy street - or are you? This detailed explanation shows how you can simply control and monitor your finances and revenues to make sure you are maximizing your profitability. Streamlined accounting methods for optimizing your Personal Chef service for profit. Hosted by Personal Chef Meredith Eriksen (approx. 71 minutes). As an added BONUS, Personal Chef Dane Mechlin shares his experiences with the extra requirements of servicing upscale personal chef clients (approx. 76 minutes runtime). Individual cost is $49.95

Incorporating Special Diets for Your Clients
Experience how simple sauces can be modified to easily accommodate a variety of special dietary consideration, an important aspect of personalizing your services. Professional Personal Chef Host Dennis Nosko discusses planning and cooking for clients with special dietary needs. $49.95

If you're already an established Personal Chef and are looking for ways to refine your business, the Business Enhancement Video Series may be for you!

These four video tapes cover specific advanced topics for Personal Chefs to enhance their business practices to control and increase profitability and provide higher levels of professionalism to their service.

These unique tapes are available individually, or at a special bundled price for the complete set entitled The Performance Video Bundle for just $149.00.

The Business Enhancement Video Series
Price List

Freezing & Packaging Tips

Pressure Cooking for Personal Chefs

"Figuring It All Out" - How to gauge how much money you are really making.

Incorporating Special Diets for Your Clients

Save $ 50.00 on the Performance Video Enhancement Bundle! Includes all 4 Business Enhancement titles. Separately these tapes would be $ 200.00.

(Includes S & H)
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NOTE: All fees are non-refundable and non-returnable. The APCI Manual &Training Materials are for educational purposes only. You are not purchasing a business plan, franchise, or distributorship. As an independent business owner you may operate your business the way you wish and earn as much money as your efforts and drive to be successful returns to you. APCI cannot guarantee any specific earnings as a result of purchasing the APCI Training Manual & Materials. Under U.S. Copyright and Trademark Law it is illegal for these materials to be copied, reproduced or otherwise used as anything other than an educational manual for the use of the purchaser ALONE. Any infringement will be disputed with legal action. By completing this order, I affirm that I understand and accept the above terms.

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