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The Professional Personal Chef ©

"The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef" ©

This home study training system is the core of the APCI educational materials and prerequisite for other educational offerings - this lays out the path you need to follow to successfully set up or refine your profitable personal chef business.

We believe you will not find a more complete reference material for the Personal Chef Industry available at
any price.

Here you will find what you need to:

         Create your Personal Chef Vision/Mission statements

          Create and complete your Personal Chef Business plan

          Make decisions on your company structure and the tax
             implications of each choice

          Learn how regulations affect the Personal Chef service

          Learn how food safety plays a key part in your service

          Set up and monitor your finances - includes "Figuring It All
             Out", the key to managing your bottom line

          Target your Market Design the specific service you choose
             to offer to the specific client base you choose to serve.

          How to be your own marketing genius - includes PR and Press
             kits that are ready to use

          Control your advertising expenses by learning how, when and
             where to advertise

          Create custom sample forms, presentation and collateral
             materials, based on the included "ready-to-use" samples

          Develop your complete startup checklists to control startup
             costs and time and to avoid missing important steps

          Scores of Sample forms critical to your PC business success.

The Professional Personal Chef© also includes:

A complete volume of personal chef tested recipes to get you going
             right away

          The same collection of recipes in electronic format for use with
              Mastercook software (versions 4-6 for PC). Collection available on
              request for Mastercook 4.0 for Macintosh.

CLICK HERE for more information on Mastercook software.

The NEW "A Day in the Life of a Personal Chef" © videotape.

A Web-link Referral from Find A Chef Registry.

Membership to the APCA for your first year.

National association rates for Health and Liability coverage.

Immediate access to the lively APCA Members Only online discussion forums.
              Where the action is!

This program has been designed to help you have your personal chef business on track within 30 to 60 days!    This is an outstanding value for only $695!

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